Every Gift Giver’s Dream – A Gift Wrapping Station


This gift wrapping station makes birthday and holiday gift wrapping an absolute dream because you have everything at your fingertips!

I love shopping for presents and finding just the right gift for my family and friends. I must proudly confess, Shari’s daughter Brittany calls me the best gift giver she has ever met!  A badge I wear proudly.  However, I really stink as a present wrapper.  I just don’t like the whole process, especially finding all the stuff you need to wrap with, the tape, the scissors the name tags and of course the wrapping paper.  I usually have a paper bag with all those things thrown in it and I pull it out of the closet when needed.

So this year, I thought I would at least get organized.  So I went into my shop and built this wrapping paper station.  And now I have a place to store all the items I need to make wrapping at least more organized.

Believe me, this may look complicated, but it really was a snap!


2-1 inch x 4 inch x 8 feet pine or poplar lumber
1-1 inch x 2 inch x 4 feet pine or poplar lumber
5- ½ inch x 48 inch wooden dowel
Miter Saw
Tape measure
Nail gun / hammer and nails
Drill with ½ inch forstner bit
Sand Paper
Spackle/wood filler


photo 1

1. The sides of the station measure 34 inches in length, using the miter saw cut two side pieces to length.

photo 2

Tip:  I use a speed square as a marking tool to ensure that my cuts and straight.

photo 2

2. So that the side pieces would have a little detail, I cut a 45 degree angle at each end of both side boards, measure 1 ½ inches from the top of the board and the down the length, and mark using the square.

photo 3

Then cut using the miter saw.

photo 4

Tip:  I always sand as I go, just use a piece of 220 grit sandpaper and sand all saw cuts and edges smooth.

photo 5

3. The bottom support piece is 32 ½ inches wide (use the 1 x 2 lumber for this piece).  I held a roll of wrapping paper in place to make sure that there would be ample space for the middle section of the station where the paper rolls will be placed.

photo 7

4. If you look at the left photo, you will see the layout of the station, at the top, there are two cross supports and a middle section where storage and supplies will be placed.

photo 8

Those two boards are the same measurement as the bottom support.  Cut those two boards to length, using the miter saw.

photo 10

5. The layout of the 5 wrapping paper rolls (wooden dowels) need to be laid out and drilled before assembly.  The two side pieces will be used for this, lay out the 5 holes, by starting from the bottom and measure up 3 ½ inches, then lay out the holes every 3 ½ inches until you have 5 layout marks.

photo 11

6. Find center of the boards where the holes will be drilled.  This process needs to be precise, both side boards must match up in order for the poles to be level once placed in position.

photo 12

7. Drill the holes using a drill and a ½ inch forstner bit, this is a great bit for drilling smooth holes.  Just make sure the bit is lined up with the marks you made in the previous step. (I used my drill press for this step, but a hand drill will work just a well)

Tip:  Drill half way through until the bit just breaks through the lumber, flip the board over and continue drilling, this will stop the bit from tearing out the lumber as it passes through.

photo 13

8. Once all the holes have been drilled, attach the bottom cross support into place at the bottom of the two side pieces.  Use wood glue and nails to secure.

photo 14

9. Attach the two top supports, the top board will be placed 3 inches from the top and the middle board is placed 12 inches from the top.

10. For the center shelves, cut a divider by measuring the distance between the two supports, (which should be 8 inches) and the center divider cut to 22 inches in length.

photo 15

11. Find center of the divider.

photo 16

Attach the center shelf using glue and nails.

photo 17

12. Place the center shelf in place.

photo 18

13. Secure the center shelf  to the station

photo 19

14. Place the wooden dowels through the holes on each side and measure for cutting.  I allowed for ½ inch on both ends.

photo 20

This will allow the poles to stay in position while rolling out wrapping paper.


15. The last step is to fill all the holes and to paint to the color of your choice.

Tip:  I found that spray paint was a great way to paint the station, especially the wooden dowels.


This was a great project for the upcoming holiday season, now I have a great place to store all those tape dispensers and ribbon rolls and of course the wrapping paper that before was just stuffed in a paper bag.  Now if I could just get Shari to help me wrap all the presents I have to wrap……I’m still a terrible present wrapper!

Happy Wrapping!


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