Frame Up a Cheery Outdoor Welcome


This is a great project to dress up the exterior of your home and let the neighbors know they are welcome at your home.

It can be modified to say any type of greeting you wish and can certainly be customized for the season. It takes hardly any time since the letters can be purchased at a craft store and the frame is as simple as making a rectangular box using decorative molding purchased at a home center.

Materials List:

Wooden Letters to spell out your greeting
Latex paint
Foam brushes/or small paint brushes
Small hooks and eyelets
Cordless Drill/Drill bit
Decorative Molding
Miter saw
Nail gun/Hammer and nails
Wood glue



1. The first step is to paint the letters.  I used a metal wall hanging that was going on the front door as my inspiration to find the color of my welcome message for the front porch.


2. To create the look of the metal wall hanging, I painted a base coat of the color that showed the least through the finish on the metal letters. (in this case a red)


3. If you want to create a similar look, apply another color to start to add depth to the base coat (of course you have the option of just leaving it one color). In this case I added a chocolate brown.


4. The last coat of paint was a light dusting of a black to create highlights.


Finish all the letters and allow the paint to dry.


5. To hang the letters to the frame use small hooks and eyelets.


6. Use a drill with a small bit and drill a pilot hole into the top of the letter. If the letter is like the W, drill two holes to even out the weight.


7. Secure the hook into the top of the letter.


8. Construct the frame by laying out the letters and measuring the width and height that will “frame” out the letters.


9. Cut the lumber to length using a miter saw, cutting the molding at a 45 degree angle


10. Attach the pieces together using wood glue and hammer and nails (or nail gun).

Use the same painting process as the letters to paint the frame.


11. Once the frame is dry, set the letters inside the frame and located the eyelet on the frame that the hook of the letter will correspond with.

*In this photo, the back of the letters and frame are not painted. If this project is to be used outside, paint both sides of the letters and frame with exterior latex paint.

12. Drill pilot holes and secure the eyelets and the letters will be ready to hang.

And there you have a really neat way to greet your guest. Have some fun with this project; maybe make a sign for your favorite sports team or your family name.  Either way, a couple hours spent on this project will be time well spent.

You’re Welcome!


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