Rough Hewn Wood Winter Garden Angel

photo one

Try using rough hewn wood to make certain pieces of your winter garden angel to add texture and interest. 

The beginning of winter is time of year is my favorite time to get back in the shop.  I feel like Santa’s helper putting together great projects that could soon be underneath someone’s Christmas tree.

A project like our little Winter Angel is just one of those gifts that is not only a wonderful display in your outdoor holiday displays, but is a great gift to give to everyone on your list.

Material List:

    • Pine Lumber in various sizes
    • Barn siding if available
    • Jig Saw
    • Orbital Sander and 120 grit sandpaper
    • Pencil
    • Wood glue
    • Nail Gun or Hammer and Nail
    • Stair spindle
    • U-brackets and screws
    • Spray paint of many colors.


photo 2

1. Using Shari’s template that she drew for the project (that girl can draw!) I sketched out the outline of the angels body.

photo 3

2. Cut out the shape using a jig saw.

photo 4


Use a scroll blade (blade on left) for a smooth cut.  A scroll blade is perfect for cutting curves in lumber.  The blade on the right is for general cutting.

photo 5

3. Sand the piece smooth with either an orbital sander or a piece of 120 grit sandpaper.

photo 6

A sanding pad is a great way to keep the work piece from moving while you sand.  Rug hold works great.

photo 7

4. Referring to the template draw out the angels head piece.  I used a piece of barn siding to add a little interest to the angel.

photo 8

5. Cut out the piece using the jig saw.

photo 9

6. Don’t sand this piece keeping the barn siding as rustic looking as possible.


photo 10

7. Draw out the wings and cut out using the jig saw, remember to sand the piece smooth after cutting.

photo 11

8. With the head dress in place on top of the body, draw the angels face following the curve of the wings where her head meets the edge of the wing.

photo 12

9. Draw the arm…

photo 13

…and her hand and cut out using the jig saw, sand smooth.


10. The trumpet was tricky; I drew the design then cut it out using a utility knife.  Sand smooth when finished.  (Be very careful not to rush this piece – 3 trumpets later I learned to not hurry.)

photo 15

11. Draw and cut out her tiny little feet.

photo 16

12. Using spray paint, paint all the pieces to the color of your choice.  I did a lot of layering of color.

photo 17

The spray paint I used Design Master Color Tool Sprays dries within minutes so that you can do several coats quickly. And comes in many awesome colors.


13. Glue the angels hand to the arm as well as the trumpet.


14. Attach the head dress to the body using wood glue and the nail gun.

photo 20

15. Glue the angels face on next to the head dress.


16. Attach the feet to the back of the body using wood glue and nails.


17. Glue and nail the wings to the back of the angels body.

photo 23

I was thrilled to find this old spindle to use as the post to display the angel.   You can pick one of these up new at a home center store or try an antique shop for an old one!

photo 24

18. Attach the spindle to the back of the angel using U-Brackets.  Secure with screws.

photo 25

19. Attach the arm to the body using glue and nails.

Apply polyurethane to the entire piece to protect the Angel from harsh weather.

This is one of those projects that can be modified to any style you wish.  Make a whole fleet…or flock of angels!


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