Bacon and Potato Frittata is a Meal

Frittata 2

Reflections of a Recipe Collector I feel as though I should begin with a disclaimer: I have 6 chickens, so I watch for recipes that use large amounts of eggs occasionally.  I had an abundance this week that needed to be used, so this frittata seemed like a good recipe to try. We’ll talk about…

Diary of a Dream House – Part 1: Purchasing the Land

Dream House 1 The Property

As an interior designer, I have always wanted to plan a house from start to finish; certainly for the experience, but also as a test of my accumulated knowledge and skills. Can I build a house that functions perfectly for my family, projects the essence of who we are, and stay within budget? I sort…

Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

Use Rollers When Moving

You’ve packed your Moving Day box, right? Well if not, you need to read these moving day tips! Moving tips need to start at the current house and then “move” to the new house, so here goes… Packing the boxes! * Don’t over pack boxes.  It’s better for your health to take more trips and…

5 Ways to Brighten a Room with Little Natural Light

Brighten a Room with Color

If you are living in a home with little natural light, you are probably looking for ways to brighten a room or two, short of putting in bigger windows. Well, we have 5 ideas that can help you to maximize the natural lighting you do have to brighten a room, or all your rooms! 1….

Mu Shu Lettuce Wraps are Quick to Prepare

Mu Shu Lettuce Wraps

Reflections from a Recipe Collector My daughter loves to go to P F Chang’s and order their lettuce wraps. I have been keeping a look out for something similar and what I found was great! This is such an easy, quick meal to assemble because there is almost no cooking if you use a store…

Carefree Poly Furniture Review: Quality Long Lasting Outdoor Furniture

Colorful Adirondack Chairs from Carefree Poly Furniture

It’s not often that you get to buy a great product and do something that’s truly beneficial for the planet, too. But that’s what we found at Carefree Poly Furniture – a ’net-based company that sells Amish-made poly lawn furniture. If you’re not familiar with poly lawn furniture, which many consider to be the “next…

The Color Green is an Ideal Wall Color

Color Green 2

One of the most prevalent colors on our planet, green offers a wide variety of hues, making it ideal for walls. It is a secondary color, meaning it is created through the blending of two of the primaries; in this case blue and yellow. So, greens with more yellow are going to be the olives,…

The Color Orange Works Best in Small Amounts

The Color Orange 1

If you want to use the color orange in your home, you need to understand all of its nuances. Orange can range from a subtle off-white to apricot, bittersweet to brown. It is a secondary color in the spectrum being created through the mixture of red and yellow. What this means is that whether it…

5 Essential Products for Spring 2014

Spring Products 2

Spring has definitely sprung, and we’ve collected a variety of Spring home essentials that we think will really get your home in shape for the warmer months. It’s time to take off the heavy throws and velvet pillows to lighten and brighten your home, just like this pretty room photo using bright pinks and spring…

The Best Interior Paint Colors For Your Home

Designer Colors Secret Garden 10

All designer’s have their tried and true paint palette. And why not?  They’ve been specifying color for years.  They know what works and what doesn’t, so why not benefit from a designer’s experience? Since I’m a designer who has had years of experience selecting paint colors, I thought you might appreciate a list of the colors…