Answers to 10 Popular Decorating Questions

Designer Questions 7

As you can imagine, I get asked design questions all the time.  There are those that stand out because they are asked most often.  Believe me, there are more than 10, but let’s just get started with these. 1. I have an open plan in my home but want to change colors, where do I…

My 10 Furniture Must Haves

Must Have Hostess Chairs

They say experience is the best teacher and now that I have it, I’d have to agree. I have lived in nearly 20 different houses or apartments over the years and I now know what pieces have stood the test of time. There are certain versatile items that can be used in nearly every room…

Easy Week Night Oven Fried Chicken Breast

Oven Fried Chicken Breast

Reflections from a Recipe Collector I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for easy chicken recipes for a quick week night meal. This week I tried Oven Fried Chicken Breast from the Food Network. When I looked up the recipe, I saw that they used a recipe from Gourmet Magazine, so at least…

Double Lamp Shade is Stylish and Unique

Double Lamp Shade

It took a bit of time but I have fallen in love with the variety of printed lamp shades out there. I have several in my home and they are a great way to update a lamp, and your room as a result. Then, the other day I spotted this double lamp shade. It was…

Awesome Old Fashioned Easter Eggs

Easter Egg with Chick

Did you know that the original PAAS Easter egg dye was invented by an American named William Townley? “Mr. Townley owned a drug store in Newark, New Jersey, where he concocted recipes for home products. In the late 1800s, he came up with a recipe for Easter egg dye tablets that tinted eggs five cheerful…

Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbooks

Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

…according to me! That’s right, I use quite a few vegetarian cookbooks in my kitchen and I’ve recently done a series of articles on these five with recipes included. If you missed the series, here’s a recap to spark your interest! I’ve been mostly vegetarian and sometimes vegan for the past 5 years or so….

The Vegan Cook’s Bible’s Black Blondies

Black Blondies

The Vegan Cook’s Bibleby Pat Crocker is a cookbook I purchased for the amazing amount of health information it has.  There are over 120 pages of intense information about how a vegan lifestyle can affect your health along with how certain foods benefit different body systems. There are 60 pages following that list all the…

The Vegan Table’s Elegantly Simple Stuffed Bell Peppers

Vegetarian Cookbooks 7

Choosing a vegan cooking style is a choice that requires dedication, perseverance, and determination.  I tried this for a while and found that I really wanted eggs, butter and milk in my recipes. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it and find it to be just the right fit for your health goals and conscience….

Cooking Light’s Baby Arugula, Pear, and Gorgonzola Salad

Vegetarian Cookbooks 5

Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarianshould be a staple in any vegetarian’s kitchen. Even if you only occasionally go meat-free, like on Meat-Free Mondays, this cookbook will give you over 150 delicious recipes that celebrate the idea of dining without meat. What is nice about his cookbook is that the recipes included cover vegetables of…