Vegetable of the Day’s Summer Beans with Lemon and Almonds

Vegetarian Cookbooks 3

Vegetable of the Day by Kate McMillan is my newest cookbook, and it is by Williams-Sonoma so you know it has to be good! There truly is a vegetable recipe for every day of the year! Not surprisingly, there are 12 chapters titled by the month, and each one begins with a full spread calendar and…

Unique Water Shut-Off Position

Water Shut-Off Valve Placement

I took a photo of this in my friend T.J.’s model home, because I thought it was such a smart idea. I have spent many agonizing hours trying to paint around, tape around, wallpaper around, and upholster around the water shut-off under the commode. You’ve done this haven’t you? You try laying on the commode,…

Jungle Theme Kid’s Bedroom Projects

Jungle Room

When you are getting set to decorate a child’s bedroom, you often search through bedding for inspiration.  It makes sense because there are so many great bedding designs out there for kids, and its fun to let your child make the bedding decision. Then, it’s up to you to bring the entire bedroom to life….

Are Vessel Sinks Practical?


OK, I don’t have a vessel sink but I do think they can be stunning. I just wonder if there is a possibility that you might keep running into it as you move your hands around with toothbrushes, tubes, bottles and the like. Also, do they collect dust and bathroom debris under them and are…

Fun to Make Animal Shaped Headboards

Lion Headboard

We made a lion, but you can make whatever animal your child adores! Hands down I would have to say that Shari’s and my favorite room to decorate are kids’ rooms. We can let our imaginations run wild. When we wanted a jungle theme for a young boy’s room, we opted for a gentle lion…

Add Custom Touches to an Internet Nursery

Catalog Nursery 1

I love decorating kid’s rooms.  You can decorate around a theme, and add great accessories, many of which can be purchased at the toy store (my kind of shopping). I must admit, though, I’m not as fond of decorating nurseries.  Pastels don’t really do much for me, and stuffed bunnies and lambs just can’t compete…

How to Build an Adorable Giraffe Growth Chart

Giraffe Growth Chart 3

You can’t miss the sweet face of the giraffe in this wallpaper border.  He is blue with yellow spots and a gentle smile. I took this design, straightened him out and added feet at the bottom for him to stand, and he became the finishing touch to a cute baby’s nursery. Now here’s the funny…

Stainless Steel Back Splash – Yea or Nay?

Stainless Steel Back Splash

When I saw this stainless steel tile back splash I immediately thought, wow that looks so sleek and modern.  I love it! Then I started thinking about how my stainless steel sink looks right now and that maybe it isn’t such a great idea. Although, I don’t really scrub my back splash too often, maybe…