Sew an Alphabet Patchwork Baby Quilt

I’ve completed several quilts over the years but this baby quilt is one of my favorites.  I enjoy it because it goes together fairly quickly and when you machine quilt it, you can get it done months before the baby actually arrives!!

This quilt is made up of 35 four inch squares with one inch sashing in between to create a windowpane design. In the border I machine stitched the alphabet in blocks that turned out really cute.  I used store bought binding in a co-coordinating color and like I said truly enjoyed whipping this quilt up.  If you’d like to try, you’ll need the following:

Easy Patchwork Baby Quilt -

Materials List:

Planning the Quilt Layout -

1. Cut out a variety of 5” squares and try different layouts until you find the color arrangement that suites you.

2. Cut out the sashing consisting of 28 strips measuring 2” by 5” and 6 strips measuring 2” by 24”.

3. Assemble the seven rows of five blocks by stitching 5” sashing strips between blocks. I use a ½” seam allowance though most quilts use ¼”. Once your seven rows of blocks are complete, iron the seam allowances towards the blocks.

4. Now stitch the seven rows together placing a 24” sashing strip in between rows of blocks. When you are done, iron the seam allowances towards the blocks.

5. Now measure your quilt top, it should measure 25” by 35”. Determine how much larger you want your quilt to be.  I used an 8” single border, but you could add a 2” colored inner border all around the blocks and then an outer border.  The design is all up to you.  I cut two side border strips at 9” by 35” and two top and bottom border strips at 9” by 42”.  Add the side border strips first and then the top and bottom.  Iron seam allowances towards the blocks.

6. Cut a quilt bottom to match the size of your quilt top.

7. Layer the quilt bottom, batting and quilt top and pin together.

Machine Quilting Goes Quickly -

8. Machine quilt the squares about ½ inch in from the seam lines.  I did all of the top and bottom stitches on the blocks in all rows first, just backstitching at the start and finish of one block and picking up the needle, pushing the fabric through and starting on the next block.  I continued in this fashion on all of the blocks then afterwards I cut the running threads on the front and back of the quilt.

Alphabet Border on Baby Quilt -

9. Once the blocks were complete, I started on the border.  I first Machine stitched rectangles that matched up to the 4 inch blocks all the way around the quilt. Then I lightly penciled in the alphabet and stitched it all the way around filling in the corners as well.

Baby's Name Stitched in Corner Square -

This left enough room for the baby’s name in one and a special design, like a heart!

10. Add coordinated quilt binding to finish.

This particular quilt was for a special friend and I’m sure they felt as good receiving it as I felt while I was making it.  Personalize the quilt any way you like with perhaps a train along the border or all hearts and daisies.  Its fun playing around with the sewing machine and I welcome photos of your designs that I promise to share!!


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