Decorating Sewlutions Book is for Beginners and Pros


If you are a person who loves to sew, you will be amazed by all of the information our friend Donna has put into this book of sewing knowledge and projects. 

Matt and I are so lucky.  In our business we get to meet some very talented people, and I’m proud to say that I know a fantastic seamstress, Donna Babylon.  Donna was a guest on our show during season two, and she showed me how to make a fun and fairly easy ottoman.  You can find those instructions here on our website and of course in her book called Decorating Sewlutions.


Donna considers her book an all-in-one decorating and sewing book.  I’ve had a copy for about 6 months now and I pick it up often to refer to her in depth explanations and tricks of the trade.

The beginning of the book covers decorating concepts in an easy to read and understand method.


Donna has several pages dedicated to your most important sewing tool, the sewing machine.  She has diagrams and photos that help explain step by step how to use and care for your machine.


She also gives all sorts of information about thread, trims and fabrics.  You can’t possibly come away with any questions about these very important sewing necessities after reading this book.


Check out Donna’s “Essentials Tools for Your Home Dec Sewing Kit”.  Not a single item is overlooked!


And we can’t forget that the second half of the book is chock full of great projects, like table top accessories.


Or, how about whipping up a couple of roman shades for those guest room windows that have been sitting bare for months?

You’ll find everything you need to know about sewing for home décor purposes in Donna book, “Decorating Sewlutions”.  Why would I promote this book you ask?  Well, Donna has done such a wonderful job explaining everything in such detail; it exhausts me to think about trying to write it myself!

Pick up a copy; for $26.99 plus shipping and handling.   I’m sure you’ll refer to it for years to come!


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