How to Sew an Appliqued Kitchen Towel

Hand made appliqued kitchen towels are something you don’t see too often, but they can be great additions to your kitchen and even nicer if you make them for a friend!

Matt and I showed off another cute project for the kitchen:  appliquéd kitchen towels.  To make one that looks just like the one pictured, follow these instructions.

Appliquéd Kitchen Towel
Steam-A-Seam 2, which is a double stick fusible web, is a handy tool when you are adding the appliqués or even binding the edges on this adorable kitchen towel project.


Materials List:


1.Cut two towel toppers from red gingham fabric and 1 from Warm & White cotton batting, layering batting between the fabrics, right sides out.

2. Zigzag stitch the sides and top leaving the bottom open.

3. Cut dish towel in half.  Zigzag stitch the raw edge.

4. Fold the towel into thirds so that it evenly fits into the topper opening.  Place the zigzagged edge of the towel ½” inside the topper.  Zigzag stitch the towel inside the topper along the edge.

5. Cut 2 – 2” x 12” strips of red gingham for the ties or use coordinating ribbon.  For gingham – press strips in half right sides together and sew the open side and across one end using a ½” seam allowance or fuse together.  Trim the seam alloawance to ¼”, press seam open and turn right side out.  Align the raw edges of the ties on the back of the topper one in each corner and pin.

6. Cut 2 – 2” x 16” strips of red gingham for the binding or use coordinating 1” bias tape.  Press in half with right sides out.  Align open edges of the strip with the edge of the topper sewing on the front side using a ½” seam allowance starting up the side, then across the top and down the other side.  This secures the ties to the topper.  Fold binding to the back of the topper.  Following the ¼” Steam-A-Seam 2 instructions, fuse the binding in place or whip stitch.  Cut remaining binding strip in half and using the same method bind the front and back of the bottom edge of the topper.  Press in fold.  Tuck ends of binding in following angle.  Whip stitch edges closed.

7. Following the instructions on the Steam-A Seam 2 fabric fusing web create your cherry appliqué from the pattern pieces below and fuse to bottom of towel.  Leave edges raw or add decorative stitching as desired.

Thread Tip:
If you choose to stitch your appliqués, you could use general purpose thread or if you would like it to be more decorative (a little shiny), use Coats Polyester embroidery thread in the top and all purpose to match the towel in the bobbin.  FYI, Polyester embroidery thread is a better choice than rayon embroidery thread on a project like this that will be washed frequently!

I just want to mention in closing here that I saw all three projects from our friends at The Warm Company and they are comfortable, useful, and beautiful.  I hope you get the opportunity to stitch up a bunch of oven mitts or sew a potato bag, maybe even make an appliquéd kitchen towel for a friend in the very near future!


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