Learn to Make Your Own Insulated Oven Mitts

There is a product out there that allows you to make projects that are insulated to protect you from the heat so now oven mitts and pot holders can be sewn to coordinate with your kitchen. 

When Matt and I tape a show, or a whole season of show for that matter, we depend on sponsors to pay for the production.  One of our sponsors this season is The Warm Company and they manufacture products for quilting, crafting and sewing, but the items that apply to us this season are insulated linings, cotton battings that are microwavable, and fabric fusing web.

Oven mitts are just one of several great projects put together for us by our friends at The Warm Company. Make sure to check out the Potato Bag project and Appliqué Kitchen Towel as well.

Oven Mitt Instructions


Making oven mitts is just one of the many uses of Insul-Bight Needlepunched Insulated Lining.  It’s perfect for pot holders, an iron cozy, table pads, casserole cozies, baby warmers (I thought that was Moms!), ironing board covers, water heater covers, even outdoor stadium cushions and the list goes on.

Materials List for One Mitt:

  • 1/3 yard of outer fabric of your choice
  • 1/3 yard Insul-Bright
  • 1/3 yard Warm & Natural batting
  • 1/3 yard lining fabric
  • Coordinating or complimenting bias tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Coats Cotton all purpose thread
  • Scissors
  • Full size oven mitt as a template


1. Cut two 9” x 12” pieces from each fabric.  The outer fabric, Insul-Bright, Warm & Natural batting and the lining fabric.

2. Trace around the oven mitt, adding 5/8″ all around on the right side of one 9” x 12” piece of your outer fabric and on a second piece of outer fabric trace a reversed mitt.

Thread Tip:

It’s best to use Coats Cotton all purpose thread because polyester thread has a melting point which, might be a problem.  So, to be on the safe side, the cotton would be a better choice.

3. Layer and baste oven mitt fabrics together in this order: cover fabric, Insul-Bright, Warm & Natural cotton batting, and then lining fabric. Zigzag stitch through all fabrics around the cuff edge of the oven mitt.  Trim away excess fabric from cuff edge.  Make a reverse set.

4. Bind entire cuff edge with bias binding.  If desired, add a hanging loop by stitching the ends of a 4” length of ribbon under the binding.

5. Lay the sets of fabric together with lining fabrics facing out.  Zigzag stitch around all edges EXCEPT the cuff edge.  Trim away excess fabric from zigzagged edge.  Turn right side out.

*You can make a matching pot holder by cutting two 6” squares of your outer fabric and sandwich a layer of Insul-Bright between layers of Warm & Natural.  Add ¼” binding all the way around.

The Warm Company recommends that when using Insul-Bright you use at least one layer of cotton batting, such as Warm & Natural or Warm & White to absorb condensation.

You know, I recently bought a pair of oven mitts and I was shocked at how expensive they can be.  Plus, I couldn’t get them in the color I really wanted for my kitchen.  This project solves both of those problems at once.  Not to mention, you can have fun doing it as well.  Enjoy!



    • Shari Hiller says

      Paula, I’m so glad you found this. for some reason the pattern didn’t come over from the old site. I’ll see if I can find it and add it back in to the instructions. Otherwise, just use your current oven mitt and add 5/8″ all around as you trace it.

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