Make a Drawstring Bag for Gifts or Storage


Drawstring bags can be purchased, but none of them will have the little extras like you can add, just like this pretty sleigh bells snowflake!

This is a great little drawstring bag design that could work for all sorts of things.  Sized right it could be gift wrap for wine, an evening bag, bags for small toy pieces like marbles, etc.  It really is only limited by your imagination.  The drawstring bag I’m making is for Matt’s Snowman Kit pieces.

I’m making it out of a vinyl so it can be outside thrown in the snow as the nose, eyes and buttons are tossed around.  I think it will weather the cold but I wouldn’t leave it outdoors and I might suggest drying the pieces before returning them to the bag.


Materials List:

  • ¼ yard vinyl fabric
  • ¼ yard fur fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Roping or ribbon
  • Decorative addition (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric tape measure
  • Straight edge
  • Marking pen
  • Sewing Machine

This bag doesn’t have to be made with two contrasting fabrics, but because this one is a wintertime project, I thought the fur around the top would be cute.



1. Determine the finished size of your drawstring bag and make a drawing indicating sizes and shapes to help you determine the cut size of each piece of fabric.  I know mine are sloppy but they get the job done!

For the bag, I wanted a 6” by 9” bag and a 2 ½” fur band at the top.  I decided to fold the vinyl over instead of cutting two separate pieces, so my vinyl dimension was 7 ¼” wide which is 6” plus 5/8” seam allowance on both sides by 19 ¼” which is 9” plus 9” plus two 5/8” seam allowances.


2. Transfer the cut dimensions to the back side of the vinyl using a measuring device, straight edge and marking pen.  Cut out the vinyl bag.

Cut the fur next.  Here I wanted it to be a 2 1/2” band around the top so to get that and cover the seams I needed to double it as well, so the cut size was 6 ¼” which is 2 ½” plus 2 ½” plus two 5/8” seam allowances.  For the width I cut it at the same width as the bag, 7 ¼”.


3. As before, transfer your dimensions to the back of the fur using a straight edge, measuring device and a marking pen.  Cut out two pieces of fur, both the same size.


4. Match up the 7 ¼” edges on one piece of fur and at one end of the bag and sew together.  Repeat for the other end.  You will end up with a long rectangle of fur – vinyl – fur.


5. Cut out two strips of vinyl measuring 1 ¼” by 7 ¼”.  Then, cut curved 1 ¼” deep notches in the ends.  These are the pockets for the roping.


6. Attach the pockets to the outside of the vinyl bag, one each directly underneath the fur.  Touch the long edge of the pocket to the edge of the fur.  Stitch the pockets on tight to the edges.

7. Fold the bag in half with right sides together and pin along the long edges of vinyl within the 5/8” seam allowance so you don’t make any pin pricks in the vinyl where they will be seen.  Match vinyl to vinyl and fur to fur.  Stitch the sides closed.


8. Remove the pins and fold the fur over in a 5/8” seam allowance and then over in half to meet the stitch line where the vinyl and fur were attached.  Pin the fur in place and hand stitch the fur down to cover the seam all the way around the bag.


9. Before turning the bag right side out, clip the bottom edge corners.  Then, turn right side out.


10. Using a safety pin, feed the roping through one side of the bag pocket and around through the other and tie the ends.  Repeat this step starting on the opposite side of the bag so you are using two pieces of roping, each about 36” long.


11. Try to feed one of the ropes in the lower half of the pocket and the other piece in the upper half so they pull easily.


12. I added the snowflake ornament to give my bag a little bit of pizzazz.  I really do think it adds to the fun!  Now go enjoy making your snowman, send pictures – NOT snow!!!


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