Learn to Sew a Mock Swag and Jabot


It’s hard to believe that a simple flat panel, with some creative additions, can create the look andfeel of a swag and jabot.

If you’re looking for an unstructured, yet dressy look for your windows, this topper just may be the answer. It takes a simple to make, lined flat panel of fabric and through the addition of some well placed loops and a bit of hand gathering, turns it into a good looking double swag and jabot!

Materials List:

  • Fabric in two coordinating prints
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Coordinating ribbon or cording
  • Two drawer pulls to be used as hardware
  • Two small buttons
  • Tools to install the drawer pulls
  • Fabric measuring tape
  • Cutting board
  • Straight edge
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Needle

These instructions are written for windows up to 36 inches wide. Larger windows will require a center drawer pull and loop for extra support as well as more than one cut of fabric for width.

1. Begin by installing the drawer pulls on the wall or on the window trim in the desired location. Generally, the pulls should be located above and to the outside of the glass portion of the window.  If they are mounted on the wall, spacers the depth of the window trim and painted to match the walls are recommended.

2. Windows measuring 36” or less will require one full width of fabric 54” wide or wider to cover the width of this treatment. Cut both fabrics to the same width, removing as little printed area as possible to make the two pieces identical. For cut length, we used 16” plus 1 ¼ inches for seams.  This is a judgment call on your part.  Practice with a scrap of fabric from another project to determine your finished length then add 1 1/4″inches.


3. Measure the distance between the drawer pulls, and center this measurement along the top edge of one of the panels, marking where the fabric will meet the pulls. At the markings, pin on cording loops, ribbon or loops made of coordinating fabric to loop over the drawer pulls. Make sure that the loop is facing down onto the fabric and the cut ends are up in the seam allowance.

4. With right sides facing, pin the coordinating fabric to the first fabric and stitch around the outside edges, leaving a 6” area unstitched to turn the topper right side out.

5. Remove the pins, clip the corners and trim the seam allowances. Turn the topper right side out and iron flat.

6. Hand stitch the opening closed.

7. To create the swag, measure in along the bottom edge of the topper the same distance as the loops.  With a needle and doubled thread, and using large basting stitches, baste from the bottom edge, up towards the loops about 6 to 8 inches. Pull on the thread to pull the fabric up and create a mock swag.  When you have the fabric pulled up enough to satisfy, use the remaining doubled thread to sew on a button in this location to hold the swag in place. Repeat this below the other loop and hang your new mock swag and jabot!


Now here is where I took a little artistic license.  Instead of a full on swag in the center, I decided to gather the center up instead of gathering twice, once under each of the loops.  Both way works and both look great!

For a fun detail, sew coordinating cording along the bottom of the topper, and then use matching drapery pull backs, tied in a loop, knotted and hand-stitched to the front side of the topper as the loops for hanging over the drawer pulls. Or, hang tassels on both pulls for a pretty detail.


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