Baby Things

Who doesn't want to create a soft, sweet project for a soft, sweet baby? Hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing for when the next little darling comes into your life.

Sew an Alphabet Patchwork Baby Quilt


I’ve completed several quilts over the years but this baby quilt is one of my favorites.  I enjoy it because it goes together fairly quickly and when you machine quilt it, you can get it done months before the baby actually arrives!! This quilt is made up of 35 four inch squares with one inch sashing…

Learn How to Sew Attractive Linings for Your Baskets


Baskets require linings for several reasons, and keeping delicate items safe is one of them, along with the fact that a lining makes the basket that much more attractive! I think there’s no denying that baskets are made for storing stuff.  Sure, they can be totally decorative or even totally functional like a laundry basket,…

Here’s How We Created a Peaceful Nursery


Sometimes it’s the colors and other times it might be the pattern that makes for a peaceful nursery.  We’ll tell you what we did to get the best results. I know that not too often do the terms “peaceful” and “nursery” go together, but it is possible to create that illusion.  And, sometimes the illusion…

Adorable Child’s Cloud Shaped Cornice Board


This cloud shaped cornice was part of our peaceful nursery design but we thought it could go in any child’s bedroom because it was so light, airy and happy!  Sometimes the simplest projects can be the most fun. While working on an infant’s room, the mom wanted soft clouds to surround her new baby. So Shari and…

Try Giving Your Nursery a Hot Air Balloon Theme


If you are one of those blessed couples that have a baby on the way, you might be interested in a couple fun and functional ideas for your nursery!  Grandmothers and Grandfathers, this could be interesting to you as well.  Matt Fox, my decorating partner, and I have decorated quite a few nurseries in our…