Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbooks

Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

…according to me! That’s right, I use quite a few vegetarian cookbooks in my kitchen and I’ve recently done a series of articles on these five with recipes included. If you missed the series, here’s a recap to spark your interest! I’ve been mostly vegetarian and sometimes vegan for the past 5 years or so….

The Vegan Cook’s Bible’s Black Blondies

Black Blondies

The Vegan Cook’s Bibleby Pat Crocker is a cookbook I purchased for the amazing amount of health information it has.  There are over 120 pages of intense information about how a vegan lifestyle can affect your health along with how certain foods benefit different body systems. There are 60 pages following that list all the…

The Vegan Table’s Elegantly Simple Stuffed Bell Peppers

Vegetarian Cookbooks 7

Choosing a vegan cooking style is a choice that requires dedication, perseverance, and determination.  I tried this for a while and found that I really wanted eggs, butter and milk in my recipes. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it and find it to be just the right fit for your health goals and conscience….

Cooking Light’s Baby Arugula, Pear, and Gorgonzola Salad

Vegetarian Cookbooks 5

Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarianshould be a staple in any vegetarian’s kitchen. Even if you only occasionally go meat-free, like on Meat-Free Mondays, this cookbook will give you over 150 delicious recipes that celebrate the idea of dining without meat. What is nice about his cookbook is that the recipes included cover vegetables of…

Vegetable of the Day’s Summer Beans with Lemon and Almonds

Vegetarian Cookbooks 3

Vegetable of the Day by Kate McMillan is my newest cookbook, and it is by Williams-Sonoma so you know it has to be good! There truly is a vegetable recipe for every day of the year! Not surprisingly, there are 12 chapters titled by the month, and each one begins with a full spread calendar and…

Build a Child’s Book Stand with Initials


What child doesn’t like to see their initials used on things in their room?  Well make it a bookstand that they can really use and might encourage hours of reading!?  Monograms and initials are stylish decorating items. This free-standing book stand is a great way to display treasured volumes and a trendy initial. As a bonus, it can…

Decorating Sewlutions Book is for Beginners and Pros


If you are a person who loves to sew, you will be amazed by all of the information our friend Donna has put into this book of sewing knowledge and projects.  Matt and I are so lucky.  In our business we get to meet some very talented people, and I’m proud to say that I…

The Ins and Outs of Starting a Book Club


Reading is a glorious pastime and starting a book club is a great way to promote it in your family. What’s a book club?  Well, generally it’s a mother and daughter or father and son thing but mix it up any way you like.  The point is to get into reading, experience all the joy’s…

How to Cover a Book with Pretty Papers

Books wrapped in wallpaper remnants -

Often kid’s come home from those first few days of school saying they need to cover their books, well if it happens at your house, here’s how to do it!  This can also be considered a solution to those crazy colored book spines.  Just cover them with left over wallpaper, brown craft paper or even wrapping paper. …

Lots of Options to Accessorize with Books

Books on the night stand -

Books can be a great accessory for your home because they give a feeling of warmth, history, and interest, and there are many ways to display them. The most avid reader I know is my partner and co-host, Matt Fox.  He reads every new and talked about book in the bookstore.  I, on the other hand…

Books We’ve Read and Recommend for Adults


If you are looking for something light to read, this listing of books might help you out.  Matt and I have read them and sometimes it’s nice to get a recommendation rather than just grab something unfamiliar and go!  Matt and I both love to read.  We have discussed recently that we seem to get…

Sew a Convenient Kid’s Bed Book Pocket


Keep your child’s favorite book close at hand with this bed book pocket you can sew and let them read themselves to sleep! We have always made reading a priority in our home. It was easy for me as a kid and I’ve always spent time in book stores looking for the next great read….

Books We’ve Read and Recommend for Kids


To me there is nothing better than a good book, and kid’s books are no different.  In fact, those listed are books I’ve enjoyed with my kids and will keep on the bookshelf ’til the grandkids have grandkids!  Matt and I are voracious readers. He reads all sorts of adventure, humor, mystery, history, both fiction…