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The Pampered Hot Drink Consumer

Flavia Hot Drink Maker

Just spent a few hours at the car dealer getting something checked on my car. To help make all of us poor folk who are just sitting there waiting, a bit happier, this car dealership has a big screen TV, comfy chairs, bagels and donuts (in the morning but changes to fresh baked chocolate chip…

Love These Pretty Ruffles

Ruffled Comforter

First, sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy but I bet you’ll get the idea.  I found this cute comforter in white with colorful floral fabric ruffles sewn onto it in a stripe design. These are easy to make and would look cute on pillows, as trim on towels, napkins, dust ruffles, drapery panels, pillow…

Salad Dressing Has All My Favorites

Salad Dressing Package

How could it be possible that someone would put together all my favorite things in one salad dressing?  I love vinaigrette dressing, add my favorite berry – raspberry – and then make it FAT-FREE!!! This is another dream come true.  This little packet came from a restaurant so I don’t know if the brand is…

My Serpentine…Friend?

My Serpentine Friend

I have to be careful when I go out to get the mail because I have a “friend” who likes to meet me there. Although truth be told I don’t know which one of us is more afraid! Do any of you have critters that like to show their faces all too often?