So many homes lack the lighting that can change spaces from dull to dynamic. In some cases you can add lighting to the ceiling from the attic space above and in other cases unique track systems can be installed through center ceiling fixtures. Table and floor lamps help spaces glow, and accent lighting in cabinets or bookcases can really bring in a bit of sparkle. Look around your home and consider your options. You may not need an entire redesign, maybe you just need a little light!

Double Lamp Shade is Stylish and Unique

Double Lamp Shade

It took a bit of time but I have fallen in love with the variety of printed lamp shades out there. I have several in my home and they are a great way to update a lamp, and your room as a result. Then, the other day I spotted this double lamp shade. It was…

How to Sew Electrical Cord Covers for Lamps


There are always functional items that get in the way of a beautifully designed room, and electrical cords are one of them. Yes, electrical cords are ugly, however, you can create easy fabric cord covers that will hide ugly cords and become a nice additional accent to the room. Use them on both table lamp…