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They created the very first show to air on HGTV, the ever popular room by room. They hold the record for the longest running decorating show of their genre in TV history, 14 years and over 350 episodes. They developed the highest rated prime time decorating special on HGTV called “Christmas – room by room style”. More than a dozen additional specials were developed. Available in over 90 million homes, they have taught literally millions their detailed process of step by step decorating, improving the lives of many. Add to the list 2 successful decorating books, a nationally syndicated newspaper column and a decorating website that has become an internet staple, and you’d have to say that…

…it seems that Matt and Shari have been decorating forever! For each of them it started years and years ago. Shari’s interest in design started as early as her first Barbie. Making furniture and creating a Barbie house was number one on her list of favorite past times. After that, she used her own bedroom as a training ground, changing the furniture around every week, developing her ideas about space planning, organization and focal points. Some say this may be where her “patented angle” was born! Matt’s start was just as creative. It was all about making things work. Growing up in a single parent family, Matt had to help his Mom fix things around the house. He discovered through trial and error, that there is more than one way to get something done. Through years of tinkering, he’s become a self taught woodworker, electrician, plumber and all around handy man.

Formal education came in the way of college for both of them. Although Matt was from Findlay, Ohio and Shari was from Avon Lake, Ohio, they both made their way to Kent State University. There, they each earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Shari’s degree is in interior design, Matt’s, in theater. After graduation, they both went off to pursue their careers. Shari stayed local, and practiced interior design in Cleveland area homes, offices, country clubs and restaurants. Matt pursued a career in theater in the San Francisco area while teaching drama and painting houses during the summer. By the late 80’s their careers lead them to Sherwin-Williams where Matt was a sales representative on the west coast and Shari was the Manager of Color Marketing at the company’s headquarters in Ohio.

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Their paths crossed in 1991 at a sales meeting. When Shari met Matt, she knew she had found the right person to take a leap of faith with her on an idea she’d been working on for years. They put their heads together to fine tune the first television show covering the decorating process which became the well known HGTV hit, room by room! Three years in development, fourteen successful years on the network, seen in 90 million homes across the country, and Matt and Shari’s room by room is an icon in TV history.

aboutms-3Half hour television shows are only part of the Matt and Shari story. Their popular hour long specials have kept them on the air ever since. HGTV viewers have enjoyed “Matt & Shari’s Top 10 Countdown to Spring” and a similar seasonal “Countdown to Fall!” along with numerous Holiday specials covering Christmas and Halloween!

aboutms-2For those who couldn’t get enough of Matt and Shari on HGTV, there were personal appearances. Performing in over a dozen cities across the country each year, Matt and Shari’s entertaining style of decorating and wit captivates audiences of all ages. You may even catch them live on the radio as their interview schedule keeps their mornings very busy! Check out their appearance schedule for current dates and locations of a live performance near you.

For years, Shari and Matt wrote At Home with Matt and Shari, a syndicated newspaper column appearing in over 100 newspapers across the country. You may have also seen them in a variety of popular publications such as USA Today and People Magazine.

aboutms-5An entertaining yet instructional method of writing brought Shari and Matt into the world of publishing. They are the authors of two popular books: Real Decorating for Real People and Great Weekend Projects.

So, what could be left for the dynamic decorating duo? Well, all sorts of new ventures. Although they have had their own mattandshari.com website for nearly a decade, its new look has brought thousands swarming to see their instructional videos, monthly feature stories and special quick tips. In truth, they are publishing and performing a monthly TV magazine. It’s new every 30 days and it’s there when you want it to be there, not when a network decides you should be there!

So we’re saving some room here at the bottom of our bios because there’s so much more to come. We thrive on teaching, hard work, and having fun (eating is in there somewhere too) and we’ll keep it up until the lights go down. It has been and it will be a great ride…wanna come along?

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