Around the House With Matt and Shari

Matt and Shari season 2

Matt and Shari are proud to have their third show, “Around the House with Matt and Shari” airing on public television.  They will admit that public television is a tougher road since sponsorship is needed to fund the production of the series.  However, they have produced two full seasons and are in the “selling” process for season three.

“Around the House” is a combination studio and location based production.  Matt and Shari have themed their shows and provide at least four different projects to support that theme in each episode.  They have taped in several locations and have brought in a variety of guests to give the show some depth and added interest.

Their current and previous sponsors have been wonderful to work with and have offered products and projects to make the show even better.

Check out the episode list for season 1.

Check out the episode list for season 2.

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