ATH Season Two

Show 201: “The Kitchen”

Show 201

Kitchens are the heart of our homes and if they aren’t updated and in good shape, they can bring the entire house down. Matt and Shari demonstrate in one kitchen several quick and easy updates. Matt creates a solution for kitchen soffits, and they finish with a variety of kitchen accessories.

Upper Cabinets for Kitchens without Soffits

Expandable Chalkboard Can Be Any Size You Like

Check Out These Quick Kitchen Updates

8 Do it Yourself Bargain Kitchen Facelifts

How to Sew an Appliqued Kitchen Towel

Learn to Make Your Own Insulated Oven Mitts

Make Your Own Potato Bag for the Microwave


Show 202: “20 Decorating Mistakes”

Show 202

Mistakes in decorating are very easy to do – no one thinks decorating is an easy thing to master. In this show, Matt and Shari walk from room to room to show off situations that are problems and offer ideas as to how to fix them. This is show you won’t want to miss!

20 Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Quick Checklist of 20 Decorating Mistakes

How to Avoid 5 More Decorating Mistakes

5 Best Ways to Update Any Room


Show 203: “Entries”

Show 203

Shari and Matt teach you how to create a color and style story for your home, starting at the entry – both inside and out! Matt visits with a flooring expert since your entry floors take so much abuse and we close with a nice lesson in photography and framing.

How To Create a Color Story For Your Home

How to Make Your Exterior Entry Pretty and Welcoming

All You Need to Know About Flooring Options

Use Your Original Photography as Art

Arrange by Color to Make a Rainbow Wreath

Start Your Fall Decor with a Mailbox Spray


Show 204: “Dining Rooms”

Show 204

This episode is a mini room makeover from plain white walls to a rich golden hue with tips for windows, how to accessorize a china cabinet, a bit about the care and repair of fine wood furniture and the introduction of a cool new idea for entertaining.

Answer 6 Questions to Decorate a Dining Room

No-Sew Flat Panel Topper with Embellishments

The Art of Accessorizing a China Cabinet

How to Protect and Care for Your Fine Furniture

Easy to Sew Chair Back Covers for Wood Chairs

Try A Fun Tasting Party for Something Different


Show 205: “A Well Kept Exterior”

Show 205

A well kept exterior implies taking care of your home both inside and out and we’ll have an inspector here to tell us exactly what you should be looking for. Aesthetically, to add a little pizzazz how about adding some colored glass accent windows? We’ll walk you through how to make them coordinate with your interior and then you’ll learn simple ways to winterize your home. Last, for fun, we’ll create accessories for the garden!

Five Easy Tips On How To Winterize Your Home

Inspirations “Stained” Glass For Your Decor

How to Fix Your Wet or Damp Basement

Build This Versatile and Attractive Potting Bench

Make These Spindle Angels for Your Garden

How to Fight Rising Heating Costs


Show 206: “Family Rooms”

Show 206

Does your family still spend time together? You might increase that family time with a quick family room update. Watch and Shari and Matt bring more of today’s hobbies into the family room and even make an easy ottoman! Matt has a great video game component storage cabinet that doubles as an end table and we finish with a creative family project – water coloring!

6 Tips to Help Update Your Family Room

Anyone Can Make a Large Round Ottoman

It’s Easy to Watercolor a Quilt for Framing


Show 207: “Master Bedrooms”

Show 207

The master bedroom is always last on the list for a redo. However, with Matt and Shari’s upholstered headboard project, accent wall color and new bedding, this room really makes a transition. Learn some faux finishing and easy embellishing projects as well.

Use These 6 Master Bedroom Decorating Tips

Make a Wall Mounted Upholstered Headboard

Learn to Make a Marble Look Table Top

Learn to Make a Granite Tile Table Top

Learn to Make a Custom Stencil Table Top

Easy Personalized Pillows and Lamp Shades


Show 208: “Multi-Purpose Garages”

Show 208

The garage is a treasure trove of space to put your hobby area, a workout spot, even host a summer party and Matt and Shari will show you how. Matt dresses up the garage doors and Shari makes all kinds of food for a tropical indoor party!

Consider These Outdoor Party Ideas for Your Garage

Multi-purpose Garages Expand the Size of Your Home

Summer Gazpacho Soup is Refreshing Served Cold

Grilled Chicken on Skewers with Tropical Salsa

Rainbow Chopped Salad Full of Fruit and Nuts

Creamy Coconut Pudding with Tropical Fruit


Show 209: “Bathrooms”

Show 209

Bathrooms need to do two things; function and look good doing it. In this episode Shari and Matt talk about and show bathrooms that fit the bill and why. You’ll learn tips on sewing your own shower curtain, great information on keeping your grout clean and then there are always the accessories!

4 Must Haves for a Beautiful Bathroom

Creative Shower Curtain Ideas and Details

Freshen Grout with Coat of Armor Grout Solutions

Customize Bathroom Waste Cans and Tissue Boxes


Show 210: “Crafts For The Whole Family”

Show 210

If you can get any part of your family interested in making crafts together, we promise you’ll have a great time. In this show, Shari and Matt demonstrate step by step how to make pom-poms, pillows for your precious pets, a cool outdoor welcome sign and felt mean bag buddies for the holidays or anytime!

Learn How to Make Pom-Poms from Yarn

Add Pom-Poms to Your Pillows as Decoration

Easy No-Sew Pet Pillows Made from Fleece

Frame Up a Cheery Outdoor Welcome

How to Sew Felt Chicks and Bunnies for Easter


Show 211: “Storage Solutions”

Show 211

Ask anyone what their number one complaint is about their home and it’s usually storage! In this show you’ll see storage solutions for the kitchen, garage, closets and more. Shari will make wicker basket liners so your clothes won’t snag and Matt has a garden tool storage system to make that everyone will want.

Learn How to Sew Attractive Linings for Your Baskets

Storage Tips and Ideas All Around the House

How to Build an Easy Workbench for Your Shop

6 Handy Storage Ideas for All Your Hobby Stuff


Show 212: “Flea Market Finds”

Show 212

We start with tips on becoming the savviest flea market shopper around, and then teach you how to use what you find to make useful items for your home. You’ll love the soldered yard art from old tools, candlesticks out of furniture legs and more!

Learn How to Judge Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Savvy Shopper’s Survival Kit


Show 213: “Exterior Accessories”

Show 213

Just as we accessorize inside, our outside could use a few embellishments as well. Start with the garage door – there’s all sorts of things to add to make it a one of a kind design. Then consider the trim details you can add to your home from posts and railings to shutters and sunbursts. Matt shows you how the addition of stone can really enhance your curb appeal and we end the season with a friendly game of ladder toss!

Beautify Your Home with Specialty Vinyl Trim Pieces

Fun But Challenging Ladder Toss Game to Make

Adding Stone to Your Home’s Exterior

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