Create Art Out of Calendar Photos and More

There are always rooms in your home that don’t require expensive pieces of art, and for those spaces, let’s get creative.


For instance, guest bedrooms, bathrooms, basements and children’s rooms can benefit from adding something interesting to the walls, it just doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Calendar Art
Calendars can provide some of the most beautiful are around.  The photographs are gorgeous and if they were only put into frames, they could pass as gallery purchased art!  I’ve done this on numerous occasions when I needed just a small spot of color in a bathroom or bedroom.  Match the style of your frame with the content of the photo and you’ll have art worth talking about.


Scrapbook Paper Art
This is a concept I just tried recently and it can work quite well for you.  This particular sheet of scrapbook paper had the words, “in bloom” printed on it, but you could add lettering to a different sheet, group several framed papers together, add scrapbooking stickers, flowers, etc. to the paper and then frame it.  Have a ball with this one, I sure did!


Framed Lettering Art
My son’s dresser was in need of a simple touch and I thought he might get a kick out of having his name framed in miniature iridescent white frames.  I simply went to the computer, found a font I liked, worked on getting the right size for the frames, printed it out, cut the lettering to size and inserted the papers into the frame.  Done in a snap!


Children’s Art
Don’t ever underestimate the genius and beauty of children’s art.  These two pieces happen to be my daughter’s and my son has created even more for our home.  The colors are vibrant, the subject is always sweet and it is art that has meaning for your family.  What could be better?

Well, that is just the beginning of homemade art ideas, but it is enough to get you started.  Create some cool ideas for yourself and share them here if you like.  We know you are all extremely creative out there and we would love to learn from you as well!


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