Make an Amazing Fan Folded Greeting Card


Create a folded greeting card perfect for a special someone at Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any holiday you wish.

This is a lovely project for you and your children.  It may not be the type of card you make to send to all your family and friends, in fact, you might just keep it yourself!  However, what a joy for grandparents or special friends to receive such a gift of your time and creativity!

Materials List:

  • 1 12”X12” sheet dark blue card stock paper
  • 2 12”X12” sheets medium blue card stock paper
  • 3 12”X12” sheets light blue card stock paper
  • 2 12”X12” sheets white card stock paper
  • 1 12”X12” metallic gold paper
  • 24 gauge white wire
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Silver tooling foil and embossing too
  • Small hole punch
  • Blue buttons
  • Blue paint and brush
  • Blue marker


This makes for a lovely Menorah card; however, it can work for other holidays as well.  For an Advent card – cut the design down to 4 panels with the first three candles in purple and the forth in red.  For making a Kwanzaa card – cut the number down to 7 panels with the first three candles in red, then one in black, and the final three in green.


1. Start by cutting out all the pieces you’ll need for your candle card.  If you are making a menorah you will need everything we are mentioning here.
Cut  4- 5” x10” light blue rectangles
1- 5” x12” light blue rectangle
4 -5” x10” medium blue rectangles
8- 2” x4” medium blue rectangles
9- 11/2” x 8” white rectangles


2. Next, cut 9 small white teardrop shapes and 9 large gold tear drop shapes for the flame on the candles. And then cut 9 pieces of white wire as the wicks.


3. Fold the wire pieces in half, creating a ¾” loop at the bend and twist remaining wire together.  Then, glue the smaller white teardrop to the larger white teardrop with wire loop in between to form the candle’s flame.


4. Fold all 9 white rectangles in half to make a 4” long piece.  Insert candle flame wire into open end of candlestick allowing 5/8” wire showing above candlestick. Glue wire and white stock together.


5. Fold all 5” x 10” rectangles and the one 5” x 12” rectangle in half.  These pieces will be the backgrounds for decoration for each panel of the card.  The fold will be on the bottom of the card. Fold all 2”X4” rectangles in half lengthwise.  These pieces will act as hinges.


6. Decorate each panel using tooling foil, buttons, wire, blue paint and markers. Attach candles to the backside of the front of each panel so that the candle is centered in the panel and 3” of the candlestick is visible.


7. Attach hinges to sides of each panel so that only a fat 1/8” shows past the centerfold.  Panels should be attached together so that the larger light blue panel is in the center, followed by alternating medium blue and light blue panels. Glue panel fronts to panel backs encasing the candlestick and the hinge.


Here’s a nice view of the Kwanzaa card showing the three red candles, one black and then three green.  Notice the colors used in the decoration of the panels as well. Hope you enjoy creating your candle cards for whichever holiday you celebrate this season.


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