Coffee Cup Candles for Home or as Gifts


Coffee cup candles are a unique way to make that collection of pretty tea or coffee cups useful. 

For a long time I collected pretty cups and saucers and then found that I lost my interest because they just sat there taking up space.  Well, by turning them into candles, I can bring one out with a design that suits the holiday, season or simply my mood!

They are easy to make though I recommend getting a sauce pan from Goodwill or a garage sale so you don’t use your good cookware.

Materials List:

  • Saucepan
  • Larger soup pot
  • Bar of glass fill wax
  • Appropriate size wicking for size of container
    (We used large size)
  • Candle dye
  • Candle scent
  • Candle thermometer
  • Tea or coffee cups

We used glass or porcelain containers so we needed glass fill wax.  As it burns, it won’t leave any residue on the glass and won’t shrink away from the sides of the container.



1. Start by breaking the wax into small pieces and placing it into a double boiler.  (You can make a double boiler using your own soup pot for the water in the base and an old sauce pan floating on top of the water with the wax chips inside.)  Add a candle thermometer to the melting wax.   Glass fill wax should not be heated above 175 degree Fahrenheit.

2. When the wax is melted, which should start around 128 degrees, add the color to it whether it be liquid candle dye or slivers from a dye block, and stir into the melted wax.

3. When the wax reaches pouring temperature – no higher than 175 degrees – add the candle scent.  Stir thoroughly.


4. Before pouring hot wax into a cold container, which could break the container, remedy this by heating up the container.  We used a large bowl of hot water and set the coffee cup down into the water WITHOUT allowing any water to enter the cup where the wax would go.


5. Place the metal wick tab with an attached wick in the bottom center of the coffee cup and pour about ¼” of wax into the cup.  Allow this to harden. Then secure the upper end of the wick by rolling it around a pencil until it is taut and rest the pencil on the rim of the cup with the wick being held in the center of the opening. (We didn’t do this step, and our candle turned out just fine – so it’s up to you.  I will say that our cup was rather small.)

6. When the small amount of wax has hardened, slowly pour more wax into the container.  Fill it to the desired height, keeping in mind that as the wax cools and sets it will shrink and form a well in the center and will need refilling later.  You may need to poke into the candle wax around the wick to relieve some of the pressure after about 1 hour of cooling.  Once you do that simply add more melted wax, filling to just below the initial pour.

Safety Tips:
Because I don’t want anyone to get hurt or burn their living room draperies up, I’m going to mention some important safety rules when using candles.

First, NEVER leave a burning candle or melting wax unattended and keep them out of drafts!

Second, it’s always a wise idea to trim the wick of a candle to 1/8” – ¼”after each use.

And, if wax catches fire, extinguish it with baking soda or smother it with a lid.  NEVER use water because it will cause the fire to spread.

Everyone is going to be safe with their candles now right?


Well, if you promised then you can go ahead and light the candle and enjoy its beauty!  It really can be mesmerizing and romantic and just think, you made it all yourself!!



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