Customize Bathroom Waste Cans and Tissue Boxes

Matt takes on this craft project and proves that anyone can create beautiful accessories for their bathroom!

Ok, Shari always thinks she’s so smart with the craft items so this time I’m leading the craft – basically because it is so easy, anyone can do it – even me! I usually shine in the shop, but that’s all going to change now, just watch.  I am going to turn this ordinary paper can into something extraordinary in just moments.

Waste Can Instructions:


1. Just peel off the protective covering.


2. Use the covering as your template and lay it onto the intended fabric then cut around it.


3. And, through the wonder of magic, I have one cut already!


4. Then I just lay the paper can onto the back side of the fabric and roll it onto the can!


5. How would you finish off the rough edges you ask? Well, my lovely assistant will border the rim with self adhesive beads of course! And, you can use self adhesive braided trim where the fabric comes together to hide the seam and along the bottom.

Tissue box Instructions:


OK, the same process works with tissue boxes – always a staple in any bathroom.  Only instead of fabric, I’m using interesting scrapbook papers, wrapping paper, any paper you want.

1. Again, remove the protective paper.


2. Then use the protective paper as your template to cut the correct size and shape out of your paper.  You can even cut it in smaller pieces if you want the top and sides in different papers.


3. Once the paper is attached, you can add self adhesive ribbon, flowers, and buttons, anything you like to embellish this for your bathroom.


Tah Dah! Shari was so impressed that I really have mastered crafts as well as the shop!  I guess I proved anything can happen…. around the house!

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