Ribbon Top Boxes as Accessories or Gifts


Sure they are gorgeous as accessories in your home, stacked, tucked in a bookcase, or placed on a coffee table, but consider them as gifts as well since they are functional and beautiful.

I believe this is about the third ribbon top box I have made. I don’t remember where I saw it first, but I thought it was so pretty and would make such a lovely handmade accessory to just about any room, that I had to try it. Well, it’s a great project. It allows the creative juices to flow as you are selecting your colored ribbons and it doesn’t take too long to complete. I think I finished this latest one in about 4 hours on a Saturday morning. It would make a lovely hostess gift, birthday gift for a special friend, or just something nice to make for you. If you’d like to try one of your own, read on!


Materials List:

  • Cardboard craft box
  • Craft paint
  • Foam brush
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Straight pin



1. Start by gathering up your materials. The first two times I made boxes, they were brown in color like craft paper and I painted them cream. This last time, the boxes in the craft store were cream….I painted it brown! Ridiculous! And that is the first step: paint your box to coordinate with your ribbon colors.


Notice I’m using the bottom of a corrugated cardboard box to paint on. Grab some newspaper, plastic or a drop cloth to protect your surface!


2. Once the box is dry, check to see if you need a second coat. If so, get that done, and you can spend some time determining your ribbon pattern while you wait for the box to dry.


3. You may even want to cut your ribbons to length while you wait. Just measure the top of the box, plus the rim of the top on both sides and add in the rim inside the top where you will begin and end the ribbons.


4. To add the ribbons, mark the center on your box top at both ends, so you can add the center ribbon perfectly straight.


5. Notice I even marked center on the inside of the box top right where I hot glued the ribbon ends.

Continue in this fashion across the top in both directions.


6. The top will look like this when you are ready to start weaving.


7. Start weaving in the center of the box by basically sliding the ribbon over and under the ribbons already glued to the box top. Weave first, then, secure the ribbon ends on the inside of the top with the hot glue gun. Use a straight pin to help lift ribbons and guide the new ribbon through the tight spots.


8. The closer to the ends that you come, the tougher it is to get the ribbon woven in because the previous weaving has made them more taught. On the sides especially, the pin comes in handy.


9. Find a place to start and stop the side ribbons, and hot glue them together. I placed a dab of glue under this ribbon, and quickly pulled it taught and snipped off the end.


They look fabulous when they are complete, and just looking at the picture makes me want to create more. Hope you enjoy making them as much as I did!

This would be a perfect addition to the gift wrapping station that Matt has made, check it out!


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