What NOT To Do with Old Jeans

Jeans Table

When I saw this table in a restaurant on a recent vacation, I knew I had to at least comment on it. And my comment is, “Never do this to a pair of old jeans!” There are countless other things to do with old jeans….recycle them into insulation, cut them off to make shorts, Make a jean skirt, sew them into a jeans patchwork quilt or duvet cover, and the list goes on.

In fact, I was doing some research and found a very cool website called, “all women stalk” and it is a fun place to find all sorts of ideas on life and the ideas are all done in lists of anywhere from 7-9 items in about a bazillion categories.  I found their list of 10 ways to re-purpose old jeans which included:

Jean Pouf

Making a recycled jeans pouf. I think this is adorable, but tricky and you will find the tutorial on the site. I like the contrast stitching which adds  an interesting detail and there are some fabric paint designs added in the red as well. You can be sure this sill be a sturdy pouf to play on since it’s made of long lasting denim!

Jean Bins

Crafting functional denim bins. I love this one because I can almost see how these were made using the legs and pretty lining fabrics. check out the tutorial though, it’s very well written and there a a few more steps than you might think!

Jean Bibs

Or how about sewing up some adorable baby bibs? As I look at the details on these it dawns on me that I’ve finally found a project I can do that uses all those beautiful stitches that my sewing machine will make. Hooray! Just need a baby now….hahaha!

I don’t know about you, but I think these women are brilliant and as of today I’m going to stop trying to squeeze into old jeans…there is so much more I can be doing with them instead of torturing myself!



  1. Roilene Shaw says

    I don’t know Sherry. There are attributes about this table that I kinda like! The bottom shelf is done well and the boots as feet just made me laugh out loud. I have seen a similar idea for the fringe on the table top used on a craft table to hold your craft items handy. This one however isn’t pleasing to the eye and I wouldn’t put it in a restaurant. Heaven only knows what will get stuck in them! But where this table really goes wrong is in the legs. The material either needs to be taken in to hug the leg (I’m think’n the song Wranlgler Butts now), or just a faux blue jean paint job (I remember you and Matt did a neat one on a bedroom wall years ago).

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