Learn How To Make Pom-Poms from Yarn

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Pom-poms are a fun family craft and they can be used for a variety of things besides making them into bouquets.

Try adding a loop of yarn and hang then anywhere you’d hang a tassel!  Tie them to hats, purses or shoes.  Attach them to your luggage so it stands out in the crowd!  The ideas are endless and so is the fun, here’s how easy they are:


Grab a “friend” and get out your yarn!  You can make a small pompom by wrapping yarn around two fingers, three fingers makes a medium size and four fingers for large.  I wrap a small about 50 times, medium 75 and for a large pompom I wrap the yarn 100 times around my fingers.


Pull the yarn off of your fingers, (so don’t wrap too tight) and tie around the middle as tight as you can.


Then, cut the looped yarns all the way around and fluff with your fingers.


You will need to do quite a bit of trimming to make the pompom look completely round.  The more you trim in to the center, the tighter and more compact your flower will be!


Add a little hot glue to the end of a green wire stem and stick it into the center of your pompom flower.


Make a variety of colors and sizes to customize your pompom bouquet.



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