Fall Wreaths with Unique Touches

It’s pretty tough to come up with great new ideas for fall wreaths every single year.  That’s why being open to the classics is a good idea! However, I’ve snapped some shots of what is new and interesting in fall wreaths as I’ve been out shopping.

I’ve seen new ideas in color, shape and content. Here’s what I mean:


We all think of rust, gold and browns as the quintessential fall wreath hues, however, this year it’s a little different.


Aubergine Wreath

This lovely aubergine and what I call “pickle” green is quite rich in tone. It’s difficult to see but it is mixed with pinecones and the dark neutral is a nice contrast to the brighter green. This would look great on a wood door or a neutral wall inside your home.


White Floral Wreath

There is a plethora of white on this year’s fall wreaths as well. From small flowers and buds in an all over layout as in this wreath…

White Mum Wreath…to this one using 6 large white mums and few scattered white berries. What I do like about this wreath is the combination of materials. The white is very pretty with the wheat and there are a few pinecones intermixed as well. Neutrals at their best this year.

White Sunflower Wreath

This one looks similar with the white sunflowers, but the pinecones are more prominent and that brighter green seems to be the green of the season.


The round wreath with a hole in the center – very doughnut like is what we expect as the classic wreath design. The following are different, and that makes them unique.

Circular Wreath

I know you are saying – this is still round.  You are right, but it doesn’t have the doughnut hole! Instead, it is filled in with all sorts of goodies and I think this makes for something quite nice. The center is the area for the attention-getting materials and they stand out and make a stronger statement than if they were spread around a ring.

Grapevine Pumpkin WreathThis one uses the center for a perfect fitting grapevine pumpkin! Then, surround the pumpkin with all the trappings of fall. Love it!

Round Wreath BackingHere’s a photo of the back of these wreaths. They are built, not on a ring, but more on a “plate” of twigs or grapevine held together with the usual wire.

Leaf Shaped Wreath Backing

Here’s something I’ve seen several places. It too is different because of the base of the wreath. This base is shaped like a leaf, and is meant to be partially seen. The flowers and leaves are in a spray formation coming from the stem of the leaf. This would be easy to create on your own with fewer materials than a usual wreath would take.

Grapevine Sunflower Wreath

This too is on a backing piece which again uses less material and would be less expensive to create. This one uses those new colors, aubergine and white, but missed out on that “pickle” green! Hahahaha!


Leaves, pinecones, pumpkins and gourds are the “expected materials for wreaths, this season they are done differently.

Glittery Grapevine Wreath

We’ve seen grapevine wreaths before, but I like the less than perfectly round shape of this one. Also, if you don’t have a little glitter or sparkle in this year’s holiday décor, you are missing out! There is sparkle everywhere, and in this wreath there is a bow with metallic threads, and all of the white gourds are shimmery with glitter. Here the “pickle” green lives!

Burlap Flower Wreath

The material I like in this wreath is the use of burlap. Not in a bow as you might expect, but burlap flowers! Check out your local craft store for something like this to add to your fall wreath. This one was pictured in the Pier 1 Imports catalog.

Gathered Burlap Wreath

Speaking of burlap, how about creating almost the entire wreath out of gathered burlap? This is special and the pretty orange hydrangeas make this extra warm and welcoming. I found this wreath in my Grandinroad catalog. I may have to make this one to show you how easy it is.

So, if you are either making or purchasing new wreaths this autumn season, look for these new unique ingredients; aubergine, white and “pickle” green elements, interesting backings that are round and fully covered or shaped and have minimal foliage, and materials like glitter and burlap.

My photos are from JoAnn etc., Pier 1 Imports, and the Grandinroad Catalog in case you want any of the wreaths pictured here.



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