5 Steps to Make an Indian Corn Wreath


Nothing says fall like indian corn with it’s beautiful texture and warm rich colors, which, by the way, you can make into a lovely seasonal wreath.

When the Indian corn arrives, so has fall!  I mean pumpkins show up and you know Halloween is on the way, but Indian corn brings thoughts of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, harvest moons and warm rich colors. What a great time of year!

I was browsing around the produce department at my local food store and I came across mini Indian corns.  They were three for a couple dollars, so I bought 30 of them and decided to figure out how to make an Indian corn wreath.  What you see here is the result.

I thought I would start with a grapevine wreath in a small size, but the Indian corn didn’t have enough surface area to attach to on the grapevine wreath, so I decided to cut a piece of foam core in a “donut” shape, wrap it with burlap, and hot glue to Indian corn to the much larger flat surface.  It worked out great!  I f you want to give it a try, here’s how.

Materials List:

  • 30 or so ears of mini Indian corn
  • Foam core 13” x 13”
  • Ruler
  • Burlap ½ yard
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks



1. Start by arranging the Indian corn in a circle, using as many ears as you like. I used 27. Then get out the ruler to figure out what size your foam core wreath needs to be.  Mine needed to be 13” in diameter with a 6” circle cut out of the center. These measurements meant that the foam core wreath behind the Indian corn would be hidden beneath the ears of corn.


2. Cut out the foam core wreath. Then cut about a dozen 1” strips of burlap across the width of the fabric.  Make sure to leave at least 3-4” for a burlap ribbon to hang your wreath.


3. Using the hot glue gun glue the end of a strip of burlap to the back of the foam core and start wrapping the burlap around and around.  When you get to the end of a strip, hot glue it in place and start a new strip.  Keep wrapping until the entire foam core is covered.


4. First arrange the ears of Indian corn in the order you would like, making sure the colors are separated in a pleasing fashion. Make sure to note where you want the top and the bottom.  Then, you can begin hot gluing the ears to the foam core wrath from the bottom up towards the top.


5. As you approach the top, stop gluing and cut a piece of burlap about 2 ½’ – 3” wide.  You can remove several of the threads along the edges to fringe it a bit if you like as I did, then place it at the very top of your wreath and hold it in place with a few beads of hot glue.


Add the final ears of Indian corn and find a predominant place in your home to hang your pretty seasonal wreath.  These look great above fireplaces, on front doors and above headboards!


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