Arrange by Color to Make a Rainbow Wreath


Instead of mixing up all of the ingredients for your wreath, attach them in bulk according to the rainbow to create a magnificent and unique wreath.

When I started playing with the idea of a rainbow wreath, it was because I had my color wheel out and was working with fabrics. They were set out in almost a circle, and the rainbow wreath was born.

Of course I didn’t want to cover the entire spectrum and get the thing looking too busy or playful, so I chose an autumn color palette and the wreath took shape immediately!

I do want to mention that it doesn’t necessarily follow a true spectrum for you color wheel experts out there. Since I didn’t use the entire ROYGBIV there would be a natural break anyway, so I played with the materials I had chosen until I found a pleasing flow. What you see here seemed to be the most pleasing flow. When you select your materials, do the same, create the circle and move things around. I also wanted to mix up the textures so there weren’t berries next to gourds, or leaves next to leaves. All in all for a first try I think it came out quite nice.


Materials List:

  • Silks and greens of your choice
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon to hang



1. As I mentioned above, start by arranging your materials in a circle and determining whether you like the color and textural flow.


2. Some materials attach to the grapevine wreath more easily using floral wire. Pinecones can be wrapped tightly near the base so the wire doesn’t show.


3. Pull the wires down through the grapevines separately and then twist them tightly together underneath to hold the pinecone in place.


4. Start adding your materials in bunches, making sure to leave enough room to add all of your items. (I got carried away with one of the flowers and almost didn’t have enough room for the last item!)


5. Some materials need to be cut down. Once these stem were cut to about 6”, I was able to weave them into the grapevines and attaching them didn’t require the hot glue gun.


6. As you go, continue to consider the next material and how the colors and textures are changing. Here, after the leafy sunflowers, twigs and berries make sense.


7. In the end, the only area I wanted to beef up was the area of the gourds. Perhaps I could have chosen some that were a little larger.

Once I added the ribbon and hung the wreath outside, I decided that the irregularity of the circle gave my wreath some charm. It set it apart from all the other perfectly circular wreaths. (Hahaha!) Do you ever try to talk yourself into something? Well that’s exactly what I did!


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