How To Create a Floral Arrangement with a Clock


Why not combine the beauty of a floral arrangement with the functionality of a clock? This arrangement does that and it might open up all sorts of combinations for you!

Floral arrangements are always a wonderful addition to any home.  They are welcoming in the foyer, on a dining table even in a bedroom or bathroom.

Matt and I are always looking for something new and interesting to do with, well, just about everything, but floral arrangements for sure.

We were staying at a hotel in Hartford Connecticut and saw this floral arrangement with a clock inside it and thought it was a fabulous idea.  We can all appreciate a clock, in just about any place in the home, so combining the two…well, brilliant!


This arrangement actually had a lot more going for it than simply the clock.  The container was a lovely, textured trunk apparently made out of twigs, some leather strapping and upholstery tacks.  It measured about 16”wide by maybe 12” deep.  The height was approximately 8” so it would easily hold the floral foam, the silk flowers and the clock.


Notice that the clock is one with some filigree along the bottom edge which is part of the clock’s stand.  It appeared that the floral foam was glued and perhaps strapped with floral wire to the trunk.  The clock was attached to the floral foam with wire and floral picks.  I would expect that this was put on the foam in the trunk first, before any of the greenery.


As with most floral arrangements, start with the focal flowers.  These are usually the largest, most dramatic flowers in the arrangement.  There were 4 in this one and they were spaced evenly.  One is in the back and not visible from the photos.


These large hydrangeas are actually secondary flowers because they are made up of many small ones.  There were three of these in the arrangement.


Then the rest of the arrangement was put together with secondary flowers as you see here in several different sizes.  I thought it was nice that all of the flowers were in off white.  It kept the entire piece sophisticated and simple and let the clock stand out.  To accent the antiqued appearance of the metal clock, there were brown pheasant feathers and large seed pods added in.


The finishing filler was a variety of different greens from larger leaves to small strands of ivy.  It was a combination of grey green leaves and brighter green to add depth and interest.


Keep in mind that you will need room for your hand to fit behind the clock to periodically change the time.  However, as you see here, it looks great to have a variety of flowers and greenery surrounding the clock.  Yet, there is a bit of the trunk’s lid exposed and it becomes part of the textural background.  Very nicely done!

I hope you take the time to give this one a try.  It’s unique, beautiful and functional!  What more could you ask for?


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