How to Make a Perfect Bow Every Time


Whether it’s a bow for a gift, a wreath, a floral arrangement or your daughter’s hair, this easy method of making bows will make you an expert in no time!

Many years ago, my mother taught me how to make bows and they consistently turn out so beautifully that I’ve had to make bows for everyone I know ever since. The instructions are simple and the materials are all on hand.  So please learn how to make these bows and take a little of the work load off of me!!!

Materials List:

  • Stiff ribbon works best, wired or gift ribbon
  • Something to wrap ribbon around
  • Scissors 



1.  Start by finding an item to use to wrap the ribbon around.  For a large bow, a DVD case works nicely used the long way.  Try it the short way or perhaps use a SD case for a smaller bow.  Experiment until you find the right size object for the bows you need to make.

2.  Wrap the ribbon around the DVD case about 6 to 7 times and then cut it off on an angle. Cut another piece of ribbon about 8 inches long to tie the bow in the center if using for a gift. If using as a tie for a wreath, make the extra piece much longer.


3.  Slide the ribbon off of the DVD case, fold the ribbon in half and cut two notches out of the sides at the fold.  This helps the extra piece of ribbon to tie the loops up nice and tight.


4.  Unfold the ribbon and tie the loops together in the center with the 8” or longer strip of ribbon.


5.  Starting on one side of the bow, go to the inside of the loops and grab the innermost loop.


6.  Pull it out and bend it toward the center knot.  No need to be overly gentle.  I pull it out as hard as I can so I get as much of the ribbon out of the loop.


7.  Pull the second loop from the inside out the opposite side just as you did the first one.


8.  The third loop gets pulled out from the right side and brought to the center, and so on.


9.  Continue in this fashion until all of the loops have been pulled out and brought towards the center of the bow.  Do the same on the opposite side of the bow.  Dress it a bit when you’re done.


And in no time you’ll have a lovely bow to be proud of for any craft or gift you are working on.

I hope you are as happy as I have been, knowing how to make beautiful bows…it really does come in handy throughout your life!


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