Make an Indoor Wreath from Flannel and Ribbon


Indoor wreaths work over headboards, on pantry doors, bath and bedroom doors, even as artwork on the wall.

Believe it or not, many of the projects that we make for shows or specials don’t make it into the show at all. Well, this “any season” wreath was one of those projects! It was also lost in all the props at the site, so I made a Christmas one so I could take photos of it for you.

It’s very easy to make and depending on your choice of fabrics, could be appropriate for any season! My next venture, soft pastels for spring!

Materials List:


  • Wire wreath frame:
  • size of your choosing, mine were 18” frames
    1 yard each of at least four
    different, coordinating flannel fabrics
  • ½ yard each of at least two
    different coordinating felt colors
  • Several different ribbons
    Wired is OK, sheer is OK, sparkly is OK, and different widths are interesting as well
  • Pinking sheers
  • Ruler



1. When using an 18inch wire wreath frame, cut the strips of fabric, felt and ribbon to 2” wide by 9” long using pinking sheers. (The ribbon just cut the 9” long.) Smaller or larger frames might require different lengths and widths.


2. Once you have all the different fabrics, felts, and ribbons cut to size, start tying them onto the wire frame. The finished look you want is random, but it can be achieved by tying the pieces on in a diagonal pattern.


3. Look closely. There are four wires in a circular shape that create the wire wreath frame. Use four of the same fabric, tied in a diagonal pattern to get a random look. For this to get started, you must tie one piece of your first fabric around the outer wire ring. Next, tie one piece of your second fabric next to the first on the outer ring and another one on the second ring in.

Grab the third fabric and tie one piece on the outer ring, making three ties there, tie one piece on the second ring giving you two pieces there, and tie one on the third ring. One more fabric strip and all of the rings will have at least one piece tied to them.


4. After this initial start to create the diagonal was go back to fabric number one and instead of using four pieces on the diagonal, substitute a piece of felt or a ribbon on one of the wires. Do this randomly just by looking at the front of the wreath and determining where some solid color or some sparkle with the ribbons would be helpful to give the wreath interest.


Generally, I was able to put 9 ties of fabric on each wire in each section of the wreath. The 18” wreath has 9 sections, so I had to be prepared with at least 36 strips of cloth per section, or 324 strips total.


An entire wreath takes about 6 to 8 hours, depending on how sharp your pinking sheers are. I recommend using sharp ones, or you’ll have to do what I did and invest in a box of band-aids!!



  1. Karlene Polselli says

    Really pretty wreath. Excellent instructions. Easy to follow. Good recommendations. Thank You!

  2. trina says

    I watched your TV show for years and then lost touch with it,went to work. I am so happy to see you are still around and making great things like this wreath. I enjoyed the show and loved both of you, it felt like family. So glad to see your still around. God Bless

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