Ring in Spring with a Fresh Grapevine Wreath


Any wreath can be a Spring wreath as long as it has the colors anbd motifs we all associate with this season of new beginnings, like bird nests, eggs, and spring flowers.

A grapevine wreath is an excellent base for any season wreath.  What I like best is that you generally want quite a bit of the grapevine to show, so you rarely need a basketful of items to attach to it.  Buy a few greens or flowers, a focal piece, and another item or two of interest and you’re done!  This spring wreath can be made in any color you like and with whatever spring icons or theme you want.  Just browse around the store until you find the items that make you happy and grab a spool of floral wire and your hot glue gun and go to town!!


Materials List:

  • 18” Grapevine wreath
  • Variety of small flowers and  greens
  • Nest as focal point
  • Bird as item of interest
  • Ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun



1.  Start by trimming down the stems of the small flowers and greens you are going to add.


2.  Determine the location of the flowers and greenery and weave them into the grapevine wreath.  This will hold the stems in place nicely however longer pieces will need to be wired in place.


3.  Pull the wires to the back of the wreath and twist them tightly.  Bend over the cut edge and push them back into the grapevine so they don’t scratch your front door.


4.  After inserting the small flowers, I used the greens in the center to fill in.  I placed all of my floral on about ½ of the wreath only.


5.  Large items like this nest needs to be wired to the wreath to keep it in place.  I first twisted wires onto the base of the nest. Then I pulled the wires through the grapevines and twisted them tightly on the back.


The nest looked great pulled forward slightly so the eggs could be seen.  I placed it off center to give my design extra interest.


6.  Make a bow and wire it to the grapevine to make sure it will be secure.  Add a long tie towards the top to attach it to your door if you aren’t using a wreath hanger.  I chose yellow ribbon to bring out the yellow in the flowers and the yellow bird I was adding.


7.  The bird that I purchased had a clip mounted at the lower end of the body so I was able to clip it right on a piece of the grapevine.  They usually come with wire on their feet as well so wiring could work.  If you live in a windy area, add some hot glue to really hold your bird in place.

The last step is to hang your wreath!  I use thumb tacks into the ribbon and then into the top edge of my front door to hold the wreath in place.  My door is so tall a regular wreath hanger wouldn’t let it hang down far enough.  Wreath hangers are quite nice though and you can surely find one at JoAnn’s ETC.  Pick one up while you are buying all your materials.

Remember, what I choose to put in my wreath is simply a suggestion.  Choose colors and themes that make you happy and follow my instructions just so you can attach the pieces properly.  Send me some photos at matt@mattandshari.com if you try this one out.  I’d love to see your results!

Have fun!


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