Try a Red Berry Wreath Inside a Wreath


That’s exactly what this is, a wreath within another wreath and you could create all kids of combinations if you just let your imagination go!

I love to take what is thought of as the traditional way to do things, and just mix it up a bit!  Why not?  Sometimes the results are a bit more interesting.  Well, I did just that with a traditional evergreen wreath sprinkled with red Christmas berries and I really like the results and I hope you do too!

Materials List:

  • 1- 12” real or faux pine wreath
  • 7 clusters of red berry stems
  • 1 hot glue gun with hot glue
  • 1 can of red spray paint
  • 1 white foam wreath 10” x 1 ½” x 6 ½”
  • Green floral wire
  • Wire cutters



1.Spray the top and sides of the white foam wreath with red spray paint.  The foam may slightly sink in after it is painted, but this will not be a problem.


2. Clip all of the berries off of the berry stem with wire cutters leaving about a half inch of wire coming from the berry.


3. Hot glue the berries to the top and edges of the foam wreath in 4 rows or more, depending on the diameter of your berries.

If hot glue leaves threads of glue on top of berries, blow them away with a warm hairdryer.


4. Cut 3- 10” pieces of floral wire.  Dividing the backside of the foam wreath into thirds, insert floral wire through foam wreath from outside to inside.  Bend the wire protruding to the inside around the back of the foam to meet the other end of the wire on the outside.


5. Insert foam wreath inside the pine wreath and attach with wires from the foam


When your wreath is complete it will be a joy to behold!  Display it proudly on your front door or give to a friend or neighbor as a holiday gift.  A local nursing home would be another great place to bring a little color along with a whole lot of joy!



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