You’ll Love this Unique Wreath of Leaves


Normally, leaf wreaths have leaves laying on the surface, but these leaves are stacked all the way around a wire wreath – beautiful!

I know this one looks like it could be tricky, but as with any magic trick, there is just that, a trick, that makes it very simple.  There are no unusual materials required, it didn’t take too much time to put together and the only problem I see is that you will have to make several of them to keep your neighbors and family happy!


Materials List:

  • About 6 full stems of leaves
  • A 12” wire wreath frame or larger
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Electrical or sticky tape
  • Ribbon



1. Start by cutting across all four wires of your wreath frame using a heavy duty wire cutter.  Do your best to keep the cuts all in line and between the supports of the wire frame.


It should look similar to this when you are finished.


2. Either use the wire cutters to cut the leaves off of the stems or you can simply pull them off.  Notice I found a real interesting stem of leaves where some looked like they were deteriorated and just the veining was there.  This helped the texture of the wreath.


3. To allow the leaf to slide onto the frame, you will need to cut a slit in the leaf along the stem, just wide enough for it to fit on the frame.  Scissors will do this job nicely.


Make sure to leave enough space at the bottom and top of your cut so the leaf stays together.  Most of the fabric used on these leaves won’t rip so you should be OK.


4. Slide the leaf onto the frame about half way around.  I worked one side first, then the other.  I also alternated putting the stem to the inside of the wreath or to the outside.  I also played with putting the leaf on with the back first or the front first and all this variety made the whole wreath more interesting.


5. You will find that the stems start to take over, yet a few might be nice.  Cut off the ones you don’t like and leave the others!


6. Once you have all the leaves on the wreath, push them away from the cut wires and tape the wires back together with a sticky, good holding tape.  I used electrical tape and it held everything in place just fine.  The leaves won’t go back nicely over the tape, so that is where the ribbon will go.


7. Tie ribbon around the frame and make a pretty bow and attach it to the ribbon.  You can place the ribbon and the bow at the top of the wreath like in the first photo.  But, there are other options.

Try the bow and ribbon at the bottom so it can trail down the wall or down your door.  Both ways work and both are very pretty.

If you work this project like an assembly line…get the kid’s involved….it will go much faster and you can whip up a couple in no time at all.  Remember, I promise the neighbors will be jealous and you can solve that by handing one to them!!


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