Add Style and Interest with Wall Decals

If you are tired of just hanging another framed piece of art on your walls, then wall decals are something you should look into.  Please visit our friend, Shelley’s website, she has fantastic wall decals to offer you.

1walldecal1Often times I struggle with what to do with walls.  Sure, there’s every color of the rainbow in paint and probably in wall coverings too, but sometimes neither is just right.  Artwork can be expensive and some find it difficult to select.  So with all of these wall issues to consider, I have found that wall decals fill a need.


And you can see how happy I am about it in the photo above!  The decal I am standing next to is called “Marvelous Nature” and it was created by our friend Shelley from Single Stone Studios.  Here’s a photo of the entire wall decal.  It comes with everything you see here including the tree, clouds, flowers, woodland creatures and a nice quote.  I’m not sure what else you could do to a wall that would have this kind of impact!


And you don’t have to adorn an entire wall with decals either.  What do you think about using them as a replacement for artwork?  Why put a stiff rectangular frame on the wall when you can create art that is this organic?  As you can see, you can be as whimsical or as serious as you like!


Wall decals are great throughout your home.  I found the perfect one for my Mother.  She is a chocoholic and believe me, she isn’t shy about it!  Well, this quote will be adorable in her kitchen and it’s a good warning to guests who think the contents of the candy bowl are free for the taking!


Now I might go a more subtle route in my kitchen where I seem to have to make something different for each person in my family!  My husband is a vegan, I’m vegetarian, the kids are somewhere in between and I’ve about had it! I keep telling them I can’t make four different meals every night!  Well, maybe this decal will help me get my point across!


Keep this idea in mind for your kid’s rooms as well.  How about using one as a growth chart?  Every kid I know LOVES to see how tall they are getting and you can use a marker to make a line and add the date of the measurement!


There is often a place in your home where an inspirational quote, saying, or just a few words would mean a lot.  In this dining area, “families are forever” really brings that message home!

Don’t be afraid that adding a wall decal will harm your walls.  They can be pulled right off without any damage to your paint.  This whole concept makes them more than perfect for apartment dwellers who want to add some style to their space but have landlords that don’t appreciate paint and wallpaper!


And I have to say from personal experience that the installation process is cleaner and neater than any other wall option!  And it’s faster too!

So spend some time dreaming of what your walls should say and maybe wall decals can say it for you!


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