Cloth Napkin Folding Ideas

Three Napkin Folds

Little is as impressive as the results of napkin folding on your dining table. Your guests will marvel at the unique origami shapes you are capable of creating. Relax though, they are easier than you think, but let your guests think otherwise! How about starting your napkin folding expertise with the bird of paradise?  Here’s how you do it.

Bird of Paradise 1

Fold your napkin in half, and then in half again to create a square. Then fold corner to corner to create a triangle with the loose ends up.

Bird of Paradise 2

With the loose ends facing up but away from you, fold the angled loose edges to the middle on both sides and tuck under the excess as in the photo.

Bird of Paradise 3

Next, fold in half with the excess you just turned under, touching on the inside.

Bird of Paradise 4

Set the napkin in place and pull up the layers to create the bird of paradise!

Bird of Paradise 5

Placing these around the table will be quite dramatic, especially if you have a variety of different colored napkins to make them stand out!

Pyramid Napkin 1

While we are at it, let me show you a couple more napkin folding ideas that are a little easier than the bird of paradise.  This is a simple one that looks like an elegant pyramid shape.  Start by folding the napkin in half to create a triangle.  Then pull the side points up to the middle point.

Pyramid Napkin 2

Turn the napkin over keeping the middle folded point at the top.

Pyramid Napkin 3

Fold the middle point down to meet the bottom.

Pyramid Napkin 4

Bend the napkin at the center and stand up like a pyramid! If your napkins are soft like mine, they might not stand up. Just iron them with a little starch, or try this napkin folding idea instead…

Staggered Napkin Fold 1

First, fold the napkin into fourths and place the loose ends towards you.

Staggered Napkin Fold 2

Fold the loose ends up towards the middle point layering them as you go.

Staggered Napkin Fold 3

Then, fold the side points to the back and you’re done! Now you know I’m going to say it…no excuses for boring table settings anymore!! However, if you are having trouble folding up these interesting designs, how about stitching up your own felt napkin rings?

Apple Napkin Rings

Try these apple shaped napkin rings to get started!


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