Mirrors Can Do Magic in Your Home

I had a horrific mirror experience this spring and I’m now finally getting over it.  No, no one was hurt, but it could have been a disaster.  Now, I find that the mirrors in my home are so much more important to me than I originally thought.  Here’s the story.

I arrived home from dropping my son off at school to an empty house.  My husband was out of town and it was just me and my three cats for the day.  Well, I went straight from the garage to my office and starting puttering away.  About an hour later I decided to grab a cup of coffee and that’s when I saw it.  First, the combination of the sunlight coming through the sliding glass doors and my movement created an ever-changing flash of sparkles from my family room floor.  It was as if hundreds of flash photography was taking place.  Well, since that has never happened before, I walked closer to investigate.

MIrror DisasterAs I rounded the corner of my kitchen counter I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw hundreds of pieces of broken glass covering my family room floor.  The floor in the room is travertine, so not very forgiving, and it actually took seconds for me to come to terms with what had happened.  You can imagine the initial shock, where did this come from?  Well, when I finally looked up I saw the glass shelving and mirror above my wet bar had pulled away from the back wall, (I assume from the weight of the glassware, but isn’t that what the glass shelves were for?) and it was suspended, leaning on a 45 degree angle toward me, ready to fall and shatter as well among the completely destroyed mementos of glass from a lifetime of collecting.  I was in shock on many levels.

Mirror Disaster Close UpSo, to make a long story short, emergency glass people came out and eventually fixed it.  I replaced what I could and cried over the rest. But one thing I learned while my mirror was missing and that flat painted wall behind my wet bar starred at me was that the mirror completely changed the feel of my home.

Without it, the wet bar was a dull, dead spot but with the mirror, it reflected the pretty brass fixtures at the sink, I could see my pool and the sunlight and greenery outside my house, I had a sense that my home was so much more than it was because of the “magic” of the mirror.

Mirror in Blue BathI began noticing the other mirrors in my home.  For instance in both my master bathroom and a guest bathroom, the mirror above the sink extends well beyond the counter going over the commode and butts the tile around the shower, similar to the mirror in this navy blue bathroom.  This does wonders for the look of the room as well as giving such a feeling of space.

Mirror in Yellow BathThis long narrow bathroom keeps from being claustrophobic with the addition of a full wall of mirror above the vanity. Another nice feature of a mirror in the bathroom is that when positioned correctly, it will reflect the lighting, making the room even brighter.

Mirrors on Walls

In my mother’s place, which is quite a small condo, several entire walls, small as they may be, are covered completely in mirror and they are situated to reflect the outdoors and create a more spacious feeling. The room above uses a combination of sleek reflective mirror and soft upholstered panels to create great dramatic interest and reflect the sky. In my home I have several closet doors covered with full panel mirrors and I love them for reflecting the view and they are handy for checking out and outfit when getting dressed.

Oversized Mirror Leaning on ChestAn over-sized framed mirror can become a reflective background for a collage of accessories.  Lean it against the wall for a casual appearance and let it change the angles of the items in front of it.  It becomes an extension of the arrangement, doing more than simply doubling it.

So my final thoughts are these;  look around your home, are there pretty views outside that could be reflected in a large mirror placed directly across from the view?

Mirrored BacksplashWould you consider a mirrored back splash in your kitchen or a butler’s pantry to double the look of your counter space?  Or the pantry itself?

Mirror on Dining Room WallCould a mirrored wall or even a very large framed mirror in the dining room give it an entirely different feeling… perhaps inviting you to use it more often?

These are all things to ponder as you consider improvements you can make to your home.  I know that more often than not, mirrors are just considered a decorative element or a necessity in certain places.  But if you’ll open your mind and consider the magic they can perform, you just might give mirrors another chance.  Just be careful, I’m only4 months into my seven years bad luck….hold on to those mirrors tightly!



  1. Mary Lee Rossmaessler says

    Oh, Shari – I am so sorry for the glass disaster. I am thankful no one was injured – I’m sure it was very hard to lose the collected glass. I like the idea of a mirrored backsplash behind stove and in kitchen – that might be the answer to make my kitchen appear larger. Then, I’m thinking about mirroring the main wall in my kitchen – wouldn’t have to paint it then – lol!

    Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Diane G. says

      My neighbor’s mirrored back splash was…smashing! He even had the outlets and switch plates done in beveled mirrored covers. It does require occasional cleaning but what doesn’t?

  2. Diane G. says

    Mirrors everywhere! Up staircase walls, backing shelves, as you mentioned, over tubs to reflect art on opposite wall…ideally, a mirror is supposed to reflect something worth seeing…if hung correctly, it should reflect something besides the ceiling or a blank wall. I had a friend who mirrored and wallpapered her entire powder room, even the back of the door…it was a challenge to find your way out. But looked great!
    Scour estate sales and resale shops for wonderful old beveled mirrors with gorgeous frames…a little tarnish adds character!

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