Sift Through Magazines for Unique Accessorizing Ideas

Grab magazines, and catalogs for that matter, and look beyond the main focus of the photos to check out some of the most interesting ways to accessorize rooms.

Like many of you, I receive several (times 2) magazines or catalogs in my mailbox everyday.  Of course I use them to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of interior design.  Mostly I look for furniture style but I also check out color and pattern. But, the other day I noticed the “stuff” in the pictures.  You know the accessories that, along with the furnishings, color and pattern really pull the magazine and catalog looks together.  To my surprise, some of the things I saw were funny, some were odd, some terrific and some were just wrong.

Let’s take a look at these unique accessorizing ideas:

  • Interesting ways to display books
  • New way to hang art
  • A plethora of glass bottles and vases

Unique Way to Display Books -

Here’s what I’m talking about, and you may have seen some of these things yourself.  If not, grab a catalog and take a look.  See if you can find a bookshelf with the bindings of the books facing the back of the bookshelf!  Yes, this does neaten up the look because you don’t have that riotous conglomeration of colors coming at you, stealing the show from your furnishings.  However, if you have that many books, you must be a reader or collector and find interest if not beauty in the various bindings.  I find this unique accessory idea just that – unique!

Hanging Art over Bookcases - MattandShari.comOn the topic of books, have you seen artwork hung over the books in a bookshelf, thus covering them completely?  Why even have the books? It would certainly make it difficult to get to the reading material and even though new ideas are what it’s all about, I do like things to function. To me, this one is just plain wrong.

I have another one involving books.  Buy up tons of old books, and just cram them everywhere.

Stacking books decoratively - Matt and

Stack them next to an occasional chair and use them as a table for a drink …or to set down the book you are reading…hahaha!

Pretty books on staircases -

Stack them up on your stairs…I don’t see a problem with that, at night, do you?  And when I think of all the hours I’ve spent teaching my kids NOT to leave things on the stairs!!  Notice not a binding is visible.  Yes, I criticize, but I kind of like how it looks!

Books stacked decoratively under tables -

You can jam them behind the crossbar on your favorite sofa table.  Don’t forget the rubber bands that keep the books from falling apart. There are even a few books in the tray on top. I do like the texture they add along with the interest and the feeling that there is some sort of history here, but how do you dust?

Books tied and bundled to look unique -

I couldn’t resist the tying with string technique to hold the stacks together.  I think I’m going to try this and see what people say about it.  Is it just something that works in catalog photos or can it really be a unique accessorizing idea that maybe becomes a conversation starter?  We’ll see.

Artwork butted together decoratively -

Now try finding an example of this.  Instead of taking the time to arrange, space, measure out, and place a collage of favorite family photos or group of artwork, just hang it in a horizontal row from one end of the wall to the other, with the frames butting each other.  No, they aren’t all the same size, nor are they all the same style of frame. You can even butt several of them together at the top and bottom and side to side to make an interesting geometric shape on the wall. Funny or odd, it’s a toss up.

Decorative glass containers as display -

I’ve also noticed and I’m sure you have too, that glass vases and containers are for just about everything but flowers!  Now I don’t want you to think I’m too traditional or just being negative about everything because this trend I LOVE!  I have seen glass containers filled with silverware, nautical rope, clams, candles, breadsticks, starfish, lemons, sand, pebbles, moss, coral, swizzle sticks, and low and behold, yes, flowers. But that is the exception, not the rule.

Large leaves in glass vases as decor - MattandShari.comIn fact, it seems one large palm frond or perhaps two smaller fern fronds is plenty in a glass vase….it’s certainly cheaper than a dozen roses!  But to me this trend is terrific.

I have collected shells my whole adult life and have them displayed in tall glass vases.  I also have a group of glass jars full of antique buttons that my grandmother gave to me and I cherish them for obvious reasons along with the joy of the pretty collection of colors.  My son’s marbles look fantastic in glass vases and since they are more for looks than use, the glass is OK.

Candles in old bottles as accessories -

Along the lines of glass, I think these antique bottles are fun as unique accessories as well. Remember the days we would put a candle in an old wine bottle?  Well, don’t let the wax drip down and use a bunch of different colors over and over each other….although that was pretty…just kidding!

Green glass bottles as vases -

Pretty in the blue green with the floral stems as well.

Well, those are the main things I’m seeing “behind the scenes” if you will.  It’s added a whole new dimension to my constant trend tracking.  You know, if I get good at this, I might be able to create some of these unique ideas for myself.  Hmm, what do you think about slip covering the top of your dining table instead of using a tablecloth?  Or creating one long rectangular pillow to fit across your entire sofa instead of using a variety of square ones?   Matt seems to think anything’s possible.  What new ideas are possible in your world?


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