Beach Condo Renovation – from Two to One

Being an Interior Designer is both fascinating and challenging. I have immersed myself in major design projects, like this condo renovation, over the past few years and being back in the field has taught me so much more about creating livable, comfortable, and exciting spaces. Every realistic project starts with a dream, and then you add budget, time frame, feasibility, and availability to it and the dream gets altered through great imagination and perseverance until it becomes a real dream – come true. Here are some examples of how I’ve been spending my time the past few years. Condo Renovation Project: Take two 1,200 square foot back to back condos and open them up to create one 2,400 square foot condo on the beach. Condo Renovation 1 - This is the before living room in condo number 1. Condo renovation 2 - This is the before living room in condo number 2.   Try to picture these two sofas back to back. Just behind the mirrors in condo 1 are the two abstract paintings from condo 2.

Condo renovation 3 -

Here, the walls between the two condos come down. This view is standing in condo 1 looking into condo 2.

Condo renovation 4 -

I took the main rectangular post in the middle of the two living rooms and made it something special to look at by making it a hexagon and adding crown molding and trim to it.

Condo renovation 5 -

This is the finished double living room. You can see the hexagon column on the far right. I used its angles to help create interest in this living room by putting the furniture on an angle as well. This configuration offered view of the Gulf of Mexico as well as the TV! Here are some other finished rooms in this beautiful condo.

Condo Renovation 6 -

The dining room table follows the angle offering interest and extra space at the ends to add leaves to the table if needed.

Condo Renovation 7 -

This is a double kitchen with two dishwashers, two ovens, two refrigerators and two sinks.

Condo Renovation 8 -

The redecorated Master Bedroom in condo 1.

Condo Renovation 9 -

Redone Master Bedroom in condo 2.

Condo Renovation 10 -

New Guest Room in condo 1.

Condo Renovation 11 -

We expanded the size of this room and added a sitting area with built in library shelves.

Condo Renovation 12 -

Original guest Room in condo 2 – didn’t have to change during renovation.

This condo renovation project utilized both old and new furnishings. We reupholstered pieces to coordinate with new ones and moved pieces to new locations where they function better for the newly designed space. We kept the color scheme neutral with blues in the main public areas of the condo and gave each bedroom and en suite bathroom their own color and personality. In the end, this double unit works perfectly for this family. One bedroom is for the grandparents, and their three grown children can all bring their families to the beach to create memories year after year.

I have many more design projects I’ve been working on and I’ll post more photos soon.



  1. Nancy Carter says

    So good to see you here! YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED. How I long for your show with REAL PEOPLE and how we really live! Looking forward to more posts.

    • Shari Hiller says

      Hi Nancy! Thank you for the warm comment. Running a website can be exhausting and I needed to get away. I’m really busy with my design clients right now, but I’ve sort of missed working on the site. I’ll try to post more often and at least try to get to the comments in the same month! LOL! Time just flies.

  2. Cathy says

    Great transformation. We’re looking for our retirement home in Venice Fl and wow! Most still have their 80’s kitchens. Sadly we don’t have this kind of budget

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