Winter Whites Make Beautifully Decorated Rooms

White Color Schemes are anything but lackluster when combined with rich wood finishes and the warmth of texture.

Winter White Bedroom - MattandShari.comThe selection of a color palette can be daunting.  As a result, some homeowners decide to be safe and “settle” for a neutral palette.

Well, just because you decide on a neutral color palette doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring room.  Matt and I have discovered that neutrals, especially white, can be used to create rooms that are anything but lackluster.

Although the color white has been a longtime favorite neutral, it is not defined as a color at all.  Technically, white is described as the absence of any color or hue. Most interior decorators would agree that white isn’t “a” color.  Most would say that white is a multitude of colors including bright white, off- white, and eggshell.  If there are so many shades of white, how do you go about picking a single one?

So Many Whites to Choose From -

First, choosing a shade of white is just like choosing any other color of paint.  The easiest method is to match the white to a similar shade in an upholstered piece.  But what if your upholstered furniture doesn’t include any shades of white?  Then, let the other colors of the room guide your choice.

In a modern design plan, charcoal gray, gun metal gray, silver and black are frequently the colors of choice. A crisp white with blue undertones can be used to enhance these colors.  Crisp white is also a great choice for many nurseries, as it is a perfect highlight for pastel shades.

Off white with gray-based tones works well with colors used in many traditional settings, including Wedgwood blue, dove gray, sage green, and dusty rose.

White is Right in a Kitchen -

Do you have hardwood floors?  Perhaps you have some beautiful antique pieces?  You might want to choose antique white as your wall color.  The warm yellow undertone in antique white will help to highlight the lovely patina of your fine wood pieces.

Kitchens are also a great place for the color white.  White instantly makes a kitchen seem clean and well taken care of.  The reflective qualities of white help to make a kitchen brighter and therefore make working in the kitchen that much easier…..that is, for those who can already cook!!  I’m not promising miracles!

If you are feeling really brave, you might want to try a monochromatic white room design, also known as a white on white palette.  There are many advantages to an all white room. A white on white design tends to create a cool airy feeling.  Using this approach, dark rooms can be made to feel lighter, small rooms made to seem larger.

Although some people suggest that white rooms tend to be somewhat sterile, I believe that they offer tremendous versatility in decorating.  White works well as a monochromatic palette because it reflects a great deal of light, allowing accent colors in the room to “pop”. Since changing the accent colors in a room can be as simple as changing a few pillows and pieces of artwork, an all white room can easily be accessorized for every season.  In fact, a white on white room may be the only room in which every traditional holiday color actually looks good.

Crisp White Accessories -

Since there is minimal color in a white on white room, it is important to create visual interest in other ways. Be sure to include texture, pattern, layering, and contrast. You might incorporate texture through a faux paint wall treatment, such as striping or combing.  Texture could also be added through an interesting floor covering.

Pattern can be added in a variety of ways.  Accent chairs might be upholstered in a print using several shades of white and cream.  Print pillows may be added to a white slip-covered sofa.  A collection of artwork might also be used to create an interesting focal point. Afghans and soft throws can be used to create both layering and contrast.  Lamps and other accessories can provide additional contrast to a white on white room.

Clean White on White Bathroom -

Clearly, a white on white room may not be the best choice for a room which receives heavy use.  White tends to show dings and stains more readily than darker colors, so it is probably best saved for living rooms or bedrooms.

But just because you don’t have room for a roomful of white on white, don’t give up entirely on white.  The color white has a place in every room. Paint your woodwork white, and your wall color will seem more vivid.  White curtains or shades will allow more light to enter your room, making it feel bright and airy. Try framing colorful artwork with white matting and see the colors in the artwork become more intense.

Ideas for White Accessories -

White accessories can provide a calming effect in the busiest of rooms.  A white table with white accessories can help lighten up a dark corner, making the whole room seem brighter.

Contemporary White Floral Arrangement -

Fresh or even silk flowers in white can be spread around your home to add a light, airy feeling throughout.

White Candies as Accessories -

Clear jars full of white winter treats are great for your décor but perhaps not so great for that new diet!! I will say though that the treats shown here are yogurt covered pretzels and raisins…..very healthy, along with individually wrapped breath mints, so not all that terrible!

Pretty White Candles Mounted in Sand -

And don’t forget white and cream colored candles.  Mix up a glass bowl full of sand and add the candles.  Several bowls like this one grouped on a dining table or coffee table can be quite sparkly and beautiful.  Just remember – NEVER leave a burning candle unattended!!

So, the next time you consider a color palette for your living room or bedroom, remember the color white is a perfect choice.  Why settle for less?


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