Angle your Furniture for a Designer Look

Are you looking for a way to give your room drama and excitement that is totally FREE? Well the answer is in the angle! An angle in a room can completely change the way a room feels without adding or subtracting any furniture or accessories.

Angled Furniture Makes the Room - MattandShari.comThis lovely living room already had a lot going for it even before we added the angled furniture arrangement.  The colors are soft and pretty, there is drama with the addition of dark accents, the window coverings are stylish and the furniture itself is in very good condition and well styled for this home. However, when the furniture was pushed up against the walls it was just another pretyy but ho-hum room. That all changed when we pushed a little here and shoved a little there! Here’s how to create an angled furniture arrangement in your home.

How To Determine Traffic Pattern -

Start by determining the traffic pattern of the room.  Do you enter from the foyer and travel through to a dining room?  That’s a very common scenario.  If so, consider that as a line through the room.  More often than not, one side of the room ends up larger than the other, after you draw the imaginary line.  The larger side is for the conversation area, and the smaller side can be a variety of things.  Let’s talk about the larger conversation area first.

Place Main Pieces Outside Traffic Pattern -

Generally, it’s best to place a larger piece of furniture, like a sofa, in the corner.  Use your imaginary line as a guide for the angle, placing the sofa parallel to the line.  Then, a pair of chairs at one end of the sofa, or split and placed at either end of the sofa creates a very nice arrangement.

Fill In Behind the Sofa -

The area behind the sofa always becomes a challenge.  It’s a lot of space to leave just bare, but there are lots of options to fill it up!  A couple of silk trees or palms can be wonderful if they are of varying heights, and well lit from the floor.  Another option for behind the sofa is a long sofa table.  This is practical because it can hold either one lamp at an end, or two buffet style lamps at either end to bring more warmth to the room.  If the lamp is short, or too low behind the sofa, prop it up on a stack of books until it’s up to the height you need.  Arrange a variety of decorative items and small plants in addition to the lamp for added interest.

Another item that works well in the conversation area is an area rug.  Placed on the same angle as the furniture, it further re-enforces the angle and directs the traffic either through the room, or right to the seating. Make sure there is enough table space for lamps and accessories, to make the room inviting and functional.

Find Functions for All Spaces -

Now, let’s consider some of the options for the smaller side of the angled room.  One living room Matt and I worked on had an antique upright piano.  It was perfect for the smaller side of the room, and placed on an angle, it became a wonderful focal point.  We used the top of it as a display space for a couple of additional antique pieces, and it was a lovely sight from the conversation area as well as the front door.

Other options might include a desk or home office set up.  It could be open and functioning during the week, but closed, it becomes a nice accent in the room for entertaining.  A group of bookcases lining the corner could become that library you’ve always wanted.  Add a sofa table or small library table on an angle out in front of the shelving, and you have a great place to do research or study.  How about an armoire with a television or a stereo system for some background music?

An angled arrangement can spice up a bedroom, a dining room, even a deck or patio.  It’s just one of those decorating tools that doesn’t cost a dime, but can give your room a designer slant!



  1. Kanupriya says

    Great idea… how can I use this with two love seats. My foyer leads to the living room and it has a staircase going up at the beginning of the room to the dining space that looks down on the living room and room is not very wide it is rectangle.

    • Shari Hiller says

      Two love seats should work just as nicely as a sofa and love seat. Just grab some plastic moving pads that go under the legs of your love seats and slide them around the room to different positions. Depending on how narrrow your room is, it’s possible that the angle will take up too much space and not be a feasible answer for your furniture layout.

  2. mano javier says

    Thanks for the great ideas. Everytime I move my upright piano in another location I always put it in an angle close to a corner of a wall. It looks more interesting than having it placed flat on a wall, adding to that, the sound resonates well on its hollowed back side. I just placed an easy chair on the empty space at the other side of the piano for a listener.

    • Shari Hiller says

      Mano, I’m so happy to hear you love the angles as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to say something about it!!

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing this advice on room layout! I had no idea that the position of your furniture could affect the style of the room so much. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when I go couch hunting this weekend. Hopefully I can find a couch that will look sleek at all angles.

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