Are We Still Going Green?

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Europe and I took a few quick photos of some of the clothing boutique windows. What I would call a true nature inspired green seems to be the go-to color for this year.

Green Outfits

This window showed a wide range of nature inspired greens in everything from outerwear to dresses, slacks and tunic tops. They’ve paired darker and lighter greens together for a rich and vibrant look.

Green with Neutrals

The variety of greens used in today’s fashions in Europe blended well with basic neutrals of black and gray.

Green Purses

Even leather purses sported the new interest in all sorts of greens found in nature.

What I expect to find very soon are these same beautiful greens used in our home accessories and furnishings. If you love the color green, you are in luck, now is the time to fill your closet and your home with the colors that make you feel good. So maybe the answer to the question is that we are still going green. Certainly in fashion we are, but what about the “going green” that relates to preserving the environment?

Unlike the green fashion statement we’ve been talking about, the movement to “Go Green” isn’t new by any means. In fact, it’s been going on for years. The idea of preserving nature for generations to come should be second nature to us by now, and to many manufacturers, it is. Matt and I have had ties with Sherwin Williams for decades and have always promoted their low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints. Some paints today are rated as NO VOC paints and are better for the air quality of our homes which in turn promotes healthier living. If you are looking to make a seasonal change, maybe even follow the new “natural greens” trend, you might want to try using paint. It’s an economical way to make a bold or even a subtle statement that gives your home a lift.

Take a look at the efforts our friends at Arhaus Furniture are making to do their part for the environment. They are a company committed to making their furniture from sustainable products that are healthy for your family and the environment. One example of this is with their sectional couches, which are made from eco-friendly foam and fabric! Check out their infographic and enjoy a few extra tips on “Going Green!”



    • Shari Hiller says

      Hi Marie, I can’t remember if we were still in Belgium or in Germany at the time. But, it was in all the shops in every country we were in!

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