Home Decorating Essentials: The Letter B

There are items that begin with the letter “B” that are essential to making your home decor beautiful, just read on and see!

alphab1B is for Black. The color black that is. The color black is one of my favorite letter B’s.  Black is so elegant and has such presence in a room.  It is also an anchoring color.  In other words, if you have a lot of the same color furnishings, they may tend to float in the room.  A black piece will immediately ground everything while adding depth or dimension.  Think about a painting for instance.  It is the deepest shades of color that give a two dimensional painting its dimension which brings it to life.  A bit of black in a room can do the same thing.

From black framed pictures to black painted furniture like the coffee table in this photograph, even black background rugs or accessories, the color black adds a spark to any room no matter what the color scheme.alphab2

B is also for Baskets.  Though they aren’t used as often as accessories today, baskets are beautiful and they are functional.  I have used them in my son’s bedroom for 10 years now to corral his toys.  Aside from keeping his closet looking neat, the baskets make for quick and easy clean up.  Just pull out a basket and toss in the bouncy balls, figurines or cars!  Use this same concept in the laundry room, a utility closet, bathroom closet or even the pantry.

I love the fabric lined baskets that you see everywhere.  The liners are nice if you want to store clothing that might snag or a smaller basket could be used to add bread or chips to the table.  Use baskets to hide unsightly plant pots, gather keys, change or even seashells!


Benches are another great B.  You can’t go wrong with a bench.  Benches are the perfect spot to put on shoes, toss purses and coats for guests or to display your favorite pillows!!

Location is sometimes an issue with a bench because the entry in the home isn’t quite large enough to handle a bench and people!  Well, I’ve had this situation before and have found that the bench looks great behind my sofa in the living room, but facing the entry door!  In the photo, this bench is in a back hall to service family as they enter from the garage.  Some benches are made out of materials that allow them to be used outdoors.  Could one fit on your front porch or even a back patio?

alphab4 B is also for Books.  Books, books and more books.  Books can take us anywhere, real or imaginary, and they are a must for any home.  Aside from the joy and education they bring, books are a lovely decorative element.  Use them in bookshelves, to raise the height of a lamp, or just display them on a coffee table for quick reference!


Beds are a very important B in our lives and we should have the most beautiful, comfortable and luxurious one we can afford.  I guess we all spend about 1/3 of our lives either asleep or perhaps sick in bed, so the right bed should be a priority!

Putting all the pieces together to create the right bed from the style of the headboard to the mattress and box springs, even to the sheets and bedding, may take some time, but in the end you’ll be glad you put the effort into it!


B is also for Baseboards. You can throw all trim in there too if you like.  However, by replacing the traditional narrow rounded trim that is found in many homes, you can give your home an elegant upgrade.  Sure, you’ll need a miter saw, a nail gun and a little help from your friends, but your house will thank you for it and repay you when it comes time to sell!


B can be for Balloon shades as well.  Balloon shades take a bit of skill to create but you can find yourself a competent drapery workroom to make them for you.  They add a decorator touch to any room and by using contrasting fabric as you see in this picture; you can really amp up your window style!  I found this beautiful photo and all sorts of other styles at www.customhomecouture.com.

So, that’s all I have at the moment for the letter B.  If you have something that you think I’ve missed, mention it at the bottom of the page and I’ll try to add it to the article so we cover ALL the alpha-best “B’s”!!


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