Home Decorating Essentials: The Letter C

It’s on to the letter “C” in our quest for versatile home essentials that follow the letters of the alphabet!

And remember, this alphabetical list is meant to tell you about items that you can purchase for your home that are always either a good buy, very versatile or functional along with being attractive.  I’m not saying you have to have everything on the alphabetical list in your home, but if you are getting ready to put a household together, these are some of the items you should think about!

It’s been a fun challenge coming up with things for each letter and “C” is no different!  (Now I realize that some of the tough letters like “Q”, “X” and “Z” are a long way off, but if you have ideas, I’m listening!

OK, let’s get busy here with our best buys starting with “C”!


Comfy Chair is a double C!  That’s right; nothing beats a Comfy Chair at the end of a long work day.  What is interesting is that to each person, the comfy chair is a little different.  Some prefer a chair and ottoman, some a high back, others prefer a recliner.  I’ve seen comfy chairs in both fabric and leather, old and new.  In other words, those of you with that old beat up chair like Frazier’s dad….let it go, there is another wonderful chair out there waiting for you!

And, a comfy chair doesn’t have to be in the family room facing the television!  Consider placing your most comfortable chair near an end table and some books.  Maybe use it to relax and enjoy the newspaper or listen to your favorite music.  It could be in your bedroom, living room, den or family room.  Just don’t use it to sleep – especially when I’m visiting! Hahaha!

Good accessories for your comfy chair include squishy pillows and cozy throws.  Don’t forget the side table for drinks and snacks and a really good reading lamp.

C is for Collections.  I’m always surprised when I find someone who doesn’t collect anything.  I guess because it brings me great joy to be on the hunt for something that fits with a group of things I already have at home.  It’s a treasure hunt to me because the items are my treasure.  Sure, they may just be ceramic roosters or stones in the shape of hearts, but there is joy in their colors, their simplicity, or even their meaning to me and my family.  Others collect truly valuable items, from coins to stamps, baseball cards or art.  In this case perhaps it is a combination of the joy of the hunt and then the value of the collection to others who might be interested in buying what you’ve collected.  How do those people part with their stuff???  I don’t get it, but to each his own!


Clocks are another great “C”.  Certainly one of the more functional “C’s”, clocks are the timekeepers of our lives.  However, they can also be beautiful.  At one time, Matt had a collection of clocks that filled a full wall.  They were mesmerizing as you could watch several of them with pendulums, stare anxiously waiting for a cuckoo to emerge, or just enjoy the detail and color of the various designs.  I think I would have to put no limit on the number of clocks you can have in one household.  Especially in today’s world, time – and the lack thereof – creates much of our stress.  So, maybe to anecdote to that is to turn those pesky timekeepers into object of art and adoration!  Just a thought.  Anyway, clocks are a necessary addition to our homes and you might as well find some that you enjoy staring at!


C is also for Candles.  When candles are lit, they change the atmosphere of any space.  And, as we have seen on TV and in the movies, sometimes the more flickering candles – the better.  Just once, I’d like to be in one of those rooms filled with hundreds of candles, just to see if it feels as romantic as it appears on the silver screen!

Perhaps by now you’ve heard of the earth friendly “soy” candles.  Soy candles are made of soybeans and are biodegradable as well as being a renewable resource!  It is widely recognized that a soy candle will burn longer and cleaner than the traditional paraffin candles that we grew up using.  Some of the nice attributes to soy candles are they are non-toxic; they crate very little soot when they burn and they can be cleaned up with soap and water.


“C” can’t even be discussed without mentioning Color!  I can’t think of one thing that does more for your home than the use of color.  (I’m not taking into consideration anything living!)

If you are still living with all white walls, you really ought to consider trying just one area with a bit of color.  Perhaps an accent wall that picks up the colors you have going on in a room.  You will be surprised how color can make you feel and react.  It’s an integral part of our lives, we are surrounded by it outdoors and we should choose the colors that make us feel best and surround ourselves indoors!


Cornices are wonderful “C’s”.  I don’t think it matters too much what style your home, a cornice can be made to look traditional or contemporary and just about any style in between.  The translation comes from the shape and the fabric used.  The one in this photo is obviously quite traditional but it gives this window real prominence in this room.  It shows that this homeowner is very interested in how their home looks and is also interested in trying new things.  This quadruple layered look is quite different but the traditional fabrics soften the drama and together they create a one of a kind, unique look.

Cornices are appropriate in any room in your home from casual to elegant, traditional to contemporary.  They are easy to fabricate and if you are interested, just check out the project in our sewing section called “A Fabric covered Cornice Board”.


Coasters aren’t perhaps your first suggestion when the letter “C” comes up, but just think about how practical they are.  We talked function and these certain have function, from the photo you know they can be attractive, and can you ever go wrong with something that is both functional and attractive?  I don’t think so.

I find that many of the items listed in the Alpha Bests are great for first time home buyers, even first time apartment dwellers.  They make great gifts for house warmings, showers or even just hostess gifts for a party.

Everyone can use a new set of coasters, some might appreciate a new clock, candles make a lovely gift for any occasion, and a comfy chair just might win you your sweetheart.  So the next time you are stuck for a gift idea….give one of the big “C’s” a try!


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