How To Add Writing to Your Bare Walls

Sometimes it is nice to add a sentiment or favorite phrase to a blank wall space in your home.  It can be sentimental, welcoming, even humorous, just let your personality shine through!

This is a project I have wanted to do for quite some time.  I have found quotes and sayings and fun lists in so many locations and have had the desire to repeat these sayings that mean so much to me on walls in my home.  However, how to do it?  I could stencil, but 20 or 30 words would take a lot of time and I’ve never been thrilled with the outcome of stenciled letters.  Freehand?  Lots of work.  So, I was excited to find this product on the shelves of one of my favorite places…. Target!

Of course you are limited to the phrases that this manufacturer wants to make, but I found at least two of them that I could use and my daughter found one that she thought was fun. In my mind, at $15.00 a piece, it was at least worth a try.


The location for the experiment was an arched wall space above an entertainment center.  This is the busiest area of the home and is the center of activity for this family.  It was a perfect spot to say, “There’s no place like home”!


The first step was to find the center of the arch and the location of the lettering measuring down from the crown molding.  Once this location was found, a very light level line was created using a pencil and a long level.  After counting the letters and the spaces in the phrase, “There’s no place like home”, and dividing them in half, it was clear that between the “a” and “c” in the word “place” was the center.


After that, it was a simple matter of continuing the level line and adding the rest of the wording.


The lettering came off the backing like a charm.


Then, it attached to the wall with ease.  Fortunately, the lettering is repositionable.  If you get it on crooked just lift and reposition!


This is probably one of the most satisfying projects I’ve done in a long time.  Instead of taking twice the amount of time you’d expect of a normal project, this was done in no time, was easy and the results are terrific!  Have fun!


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