5 Ways to Update a Room

5 Ways to Update a Room

You can accomplish any one or more of these methods to update  a room in a single weekend if you really put your mind to it. Budget is no excuse – some cost very little or nothing! Skill is no excuse – anyone can paint. And don’t even mention time…if you want it badly enough, you’ll make the time. And, I assure you, your dollars, your effort, and your time will be worth it.

1. Rearrange the Furniture.

Best of all, this doesn’t cost a dime!  Either get out your measuring tape and create a floor plan to move paper cut outs of your furniture around, or use your muscles to create a whole new look! It’s a fast and refreshing change.

2. Update the Color.

Again, a dramatic change on the cheap.  Paint costs about $50 per gallon and you pay the same for any color!  Add a brown accent wall, paint the whole room Tiffany Blue or Talbot’s Door Red. Try it in a small space first like an entry or hall to make sure it’s the color for you.

3.  Freshen up the Windows.

This could be as easy as adding an embellishment to the edge or hem of your draperies.  Maybe add a layer of window shades or a quick no-sew valance. Combine fabric patterns or add accent colors to really dress up those windows.

4. Update your Style.

This might sound expensive, but try slip covering upholstery pieces, painting old case pieces in black lacquer, changing pleated lamp shades to drum shades and streamlining accessories for a new look.

5. Swap out Accessories.

Something as simple as changing the color of your pillows or adding an area rug can really make a room look different.  Do you have alternate artwork stored in a closet?  A collection of vases you aren’t showcasing? Even adding a few scented candles can add dimension to any room!

C’mon, try something new to give your home a fresh look!  There’s a weekend coming up so pick one….eenie, meenie, miney, moe!



  1. Wendy says

    Thanks, Shari. It’s 47 degrees its morning; definitely time to think about fall in New York City! I just bought some interesting material and plan to make a few pillows for the sofas today.

    • Shari Hiller says

      Hi Wendy, thank you for your comments! when you have your pillows done, why not send a photo? I can add it to the site to give others inspiration. I’m sorry it’s so chilly there already, but it is getting to be that time. Wish it would cool down here – we’re still in the 90′s and have lots of rain – ugh – muggy!!! Shari

  2. Joy Onusaitis says

    Any chance that stainless steel appliances and chrome faucets and light fixtures will not be the only “in” choice in the near future. I am a gold person who was thrilled when polished brass was a new choice and was so glad to get away from silver. It’s been years since gold was in and I keep waiting for it to come back.

    Love you both.

    • Shari Hiller says

      Joy, you know me, I don’t care what is “in”. I think your home should reflect what you like, not what designers think you should like. If you want polished brass, display it and enjoy it. It’s your home, and your life, who cares what others think….unless of course you are planning to sell soon…hahahahahaha! Then, it’s a different story!!!! Shari

  3. Myra Lovett says

    I am thrilled to find your website while flipping through another site. I used to watch Shari and Matt every day! I have bookmarked your site and will visit often. Love you guys and your ideas for crafts, decorating, and a host of other ideas.

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