How to Design the Whole House: Part 3

After several months you can really see the difference as rooms start coming together and new ideas emerge. 

Drapery Fabric Swatch - MattandShari.comWell, we’re into month 3 at our new house and I’ve shown you the planning stage back at the old place and then the changes we made before moving and where I’m at in the living and dining room.  So let me catch you up to where things stand this month.

I chose a fabric for the living and dining room draperies.  I only have this swatch at the moment, because the Jo-Ann’s that I shop at didn’t have enough of it so an order will take a week or so.  When the fabric arrives I’ll do a project sheet on the style I’m making.  It’s something I’ve done in the past and really liked the results!

Chair Decisions -

The dark blue chair is still sitting in the living room…I scraped a wall near the kitchen while trying to move that darn chair because it’s really too heavy for one person and because it rocks and swivels, the crazy thing was out of control…so I don’t want to move it again!  However, I like that the two chairs are the same design, I just don’t like that they are so different in hue.  I’m not sure at this time if I will have them recovered or not.  They are of a design that will be expensive to recover because of the button tufting on the back.  Since this is a room that we don’t really use at this time, changing those chairs will be way down the road!

Adding Thoughts to Walls -

In the meantime, changes are occurring in other parts of the house. If you’ve checked out the article about Adding Writing to the Wall, you’ve gotten a sneak peek at my family room’s progress.  Once the boys (Matt and my husband, Bruce) removed the built in wall cabinet in the family room alcove, my contractor friend, Kari added some lighting up inside and painted the alcove in a spicy pumpkin shade for me.  The real color name is Sherwin Williams, Eastlake Gold.  I chose a color for the rest of the family room walls that had the same peachy undertone as the tile floor and the blind on the sliding glass door.  This color is Sherwin Williams Interactive Cream.  But here’s a short story within the story that will make you all feel better about selecting color.

Subtle Differences in Colors - MattandShari.comAs the work was progressing in the house before the movers arrived, Kari kept suggesting I select a paint color for the family room so we could all pitch in and get it painted before the furniture was in place.  We all knew how much easier it would be now instead of later.  Well, after much prodding….I admit I wasn’t sure what neutral to go with….I selected another SW color called Buckram Binding.  Kari and I went out and bought a 5 gallon bucket of it and almost as soon as it was on the wall, I knew it was wrong.   It was a lovely color, but it had a slight green undertone where the tile had a slight peachy undertone and the two together looked like…well, you put in a word!  But, as you can see from the photo I took of the two colors together….you can hardly tell the difference.

(And in an uncanny twist, the Buckram Binding looks redder in the photograph.  I’m not sure why and this is about the 15th photo I’ve taken trying to get it to look right!) Just take my word for it!  So, once I started painting Interactive Cream over the top, all was well again.  For those of you wondering what I did with the 5 gallons of Buckram Binding…Matt painted my office and my son’s room!  So, all was not lost.

Accent Lighting Makes a Difference -

Back to the family room.  No new furniture, just rearranged furniture.  Here’s how it breaks down.  The TV cabinet used to be in the living room along with the black framed red tropical chairs and the white sectional which is now in our current living room.  You only see one of the red chairs because that is all that will fit in this room.  The other red chair is now a guest chair in my office.  Remember, when you move you have to be flexible!!  And, you can also be flexible and move things around in your home whether you’ve moved or not!  It’s very refreshing.

Large Sectional -

I know that my sectional has seen better days perhaps physically, but emotionally, we all love it so much we are hesitant to get rid of it an buy a new one.  I hope you have pieces like that in your home that just cuddle you when you sit down.  Again, this is on that “one of these days” list for replacement.  My tables are from the old family room and are pieces I switched with Matt for.  He had a couple sofas and a coffee table of mine and I got these tables and a sofa as well.  Another great way to freshen up your home…switch furniture with a good friend!

Accent Colors Brighten a Hall -

Now, for what’s new.  One afternoon, standing in the kitchen and looking toward the TV and the still off white hall that goes back to my office and Cameron’s room, I considered using the pumpkin color from the alcove.  Hmm, it makes sense to look in this direction and see either the Interactive Cream or the Eastlake Gold.  Well, since I’m always looking for drama, the pumpkin color won.  I’ve written an article about the painting process called “The Basics of Painting” if you want to check it out in our Around the House section.

Repeat Accent Colors Throughout Home -

A week or so later, I started considering that I had almost a full gallon left from the hallway and I was wondering what else I could paint!  Well, there is a tall angled wall that wraps around the outside of my kitchen and faces the entrance to the garage, the laundry room and powder room.  It’s a back hallway if you will.  It is also a wall that heads toward that weird transitional area I’ve talked about before.  Remember that my living room is in blue, you can see it just to the right. But, with all of this pumpkin and beige going on in this half of the house I am eventually going to have to decide how to merge the two together.  For now, I’m not going to worry about it.Space Behind Sofa -

So there you have it.  I still need some accessories on the family room tables and I have a plan to bring my current “desk” which is a harvest table (drops down on both sides) into the room to use as a sofa table between the back of the sectional and the wall.

Placing Artwork -

I may then move a lamp to that table and add some accessories so the piece of artwork doesn’t look so lonely there. Stay tuned, I promise this area is going to look better in the not too distant future!

The best news for me is that after wanting new office furniture for a couple years now, I ordered a few new pieces when we bought this house and I am finally going to have a real grown up office.  Not that I minded using all the hand me downs and leftovers from around the house. Besides, regardless of what the furniture looked like, I was always able to get my projects done!!

A Week After Moving Day -

That might be hard to believe though if you’d seen my office a week after moving in!  (For those who care, this is the reason I didn’t get the Tree for All Seasons felt heart project written.)

Notice I have the Cascade Shade project pinned up on the window to make sure it’s going to work!!

Office Before New Furniture -

And here’s my office as I write.  In two days, the new furniture will arrive and I’ll start pulling this room together.  I hope that by next month I can give you an update on this room and perhaps some progress in other areas of the house as well.  Decorating is a process, if you enjoy it and are lucky, the process never ends.  There’s always room for updates, slight alterations and refreshers.  I’m having fun sharing my experiences with you including the good decisions and the ones that need revising. I hope you are learning something through my experiences and that you can keep from making the mistakes I’ve made!


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