Make Your Bed The Star of Your Bedroom Decor

For years I’ve taught that when you enter your bedroom, your bed should be positioned front and center because it is the largest piece of furniture in the room. Also, it is the one piece that you can design any way you like by selecting an upholstered headboard versus a wood or iron one. You can add layers of fluffy coverings or stay simple with a sleek spread. Your bed is a fun place to add color, texture, style and personality, and it often makes or breaks your decorating scheme

Here’s how to make sure your bed design is the star of your bedroom décor.

1. Select a “Statement” Bed

Beds 1 StatementIn other words, select a bed that can’t be forgotten because it is so unusual in its style and details. The bed in this photo is a traditional four poster bed, but the posts are quite unique made with a combination of wood, painted iron and brass finials. This is a bed that grabs your attention as you enter the room and holds it as you get up close to see how it is made.

2. Use Bedding that Stands Out

Beds 2 BeddingSome beds command a room because they are covered in bedding that you want to explore.  This bed has so many layers of color, pattern and shape that you are drawn to it as you enter. The color combination is unusual yet inviting and the patterns play off one another with interesting contrast. This bed would be the center of attention if it was placed in the corner!

3. Play with Contrasting Color

Beds 3 ColorThis master bed stands out in the room because it is the deepest shade in the space.  The walls are faint light blue, the furniture white, most of the bedding white and off-white, the carpet was cream and the trim in the room white. The deep teal velvet headboard and coverlet draw attention to the top and the bottom edges of the bed, almost outlining it in the room. Subtle but gorgeous.

4. Position Your Bed in an Interesting Way

Beds 4 PlacementYou might not consider putting a bed between two doorways or placing a bed on an angle in a room, but these techniques will cause instant interest. In some cases, putting a bed front and center isn’t possible because of the configuration of the bedroom.  That was the case in this room and the unusal position really paid off!

5. Make Your Own Handmade Headboard

Beds 5 HandmadeThis headboard looks to be hand-made out of pine boards and metal ceiling tiles. What an attractive combination.  The two are paired well and make a perfect backdrop for the cream coverlet and accent pillows that pick up the deep tones of the wood and the glow of the brass tiles. This bed stands out because it is a one of a kind, but it has a story to go with it that makes it even more special.

We have several handmade headboards for you to try in the shop projects section of the site. Most of them are beginner projects and can be made with very few special tools.

flag headboardTry this red, white and blue flag design headboard for a fun nautical or Americana theme room.  It is made with pine boards, a miter saw, cordless drill and paint. You could use a hand miter saw and screwdriver if you don’t have power tools!

Picket Fence HeadboardI have long loved this pretty picket fence headboard make of pine with a white wash on it.  It’s cut using a jigsaw, but you could create a pointed picket, (with the tip cut off and sanded for safety) with a regular hand saw. This is adorable for a cottage style room or one with lots flowers, quilts or country flair.

platform bed and headboardThis project includes both the headboard and the platform bed! Both are very easy to make and fairly inexpensive, and you can have the home center store cut the pieces for you.  I built one for myself in college and had one of the prettiest beds around…of course! Depending on the shape of your headboard, the fabrics used, and how you dress your bed, this can be traditional, country, even contemporary in design.

Wall Mounted HeadboardThis headboard design can be any width or height you desire just by changing the size of the squares. Add ribbons or buttons for a more traditional look or keep it sleek as we have for something more contemporary.

Remember that with all of these options, you can be creative and make them work for your design. Instead of an American flag, make a British one, Instead of a picket fence, make it horizontal to look like outdoor siding, make the upholstered platform headboard really tall as many headboards are today, and you could use small squares for the last headboard and create a mosaic design or a quilt design.

The options are truly limited, only by your imagination.



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