Design and Color Trends for Fall

Usually, when the seasons change, so do the color trends that you see in stores for home furnishings, clothing, and accessories. Well, this fall, there are about 6 or 7 colors that you find in just about everything. This is good to know if you are getting ready to make any decorative changes around your home. If you like some of the colors that are filling the home furnishings shelves, you’ll be in luck with your design project. If the colors you love aren’t being displayed at this time, it might be a good idea to wait until next season to get started on your room makeover.


I’ve been excited to see blue in the color trends lineup for some time, and now it has changed from that beautiful light watery blue to this year’s bold teal.

Fall Trends Teal Accents -

This photo was taken at my local Pier 1 Imports store where teal is everywhere – even though you’d expect to find all sorts of rust, oranges, and golds. They were present, but the teal really stood out.

You see it here in everything from artwork to accessories. Notice though that it is being used as an accent color and you don’t see the loveseat in teal. If the color does well, it will creep into larger pieces as time goes on.

Fall Trends Teal Furnishings -

In this advertisement for “modshop”, you can see that teal is used in a much bolder fashion. Furnishings that are meant for a younger demographic are generally more fashion forward and they show a bolder use of color trends. A younger demographic isn’t afraid to purchase something bold and different, where more established clients tend to stay more classic.

Fall Trends Modern Shelving -

I love these contemporary shelves. The lines are interesting and simple and look at that accent color – teal!

Fall Trends Teal Lamp Shade -

Don’t you just love what has happened to lamp shades? Patterns and colors instead of that plain white or ivory. It makes me wonder why it took so long! This teal shade is gorgeous and rich looking with the hammered pewter base. I found this lamp at Pier 1 Imports as well. Keep in mind that if you think of the pewter as a color, it’s gray, which is one of the colors I am talking about for this fall. Notice in the first photo that the loveseat has a gray cast to it as well.

Soft Green

Fall Trends Soft Green -

When teal is in the color trends line up, it is only natural to have a green along with it. This is a soft green that takes a back seat to the teal, but blends nicely with it in patterns as you see here.


Fall Trends Mosaics -

Then, that soft green and teal combination tends to have a brown used with it. If you understand the science of color combinations, you know that the opposite of a green-blue is a red-orange. Red orange in its neutral form becomes a brown so it all makes sense according to the color wheel!


Fall Trends Color Combinations -

The red-orange we talked about above, in its neutral state is a brown, or it can be used in a more saturated tone like in this drapery fabric. Notice the combination of colors used here. I see the teal, brown, red-orange, gray and also a gold.


Fall Trends Gold in Pottery -

So far I’ve only seen the gold in accents as in this piece of pottery or in the pattern above. Although, Its used in a unique way in some cloth napkins that caught my eye.

Fall Trends Gold Beading - MattandShari.comOf course the combination of the blue and gold threads gives this napkin a teal appearance. But, notice the tiny beaded trim along the edges…all in gold metallic. Might scratch a bit on your face, but they’d look fantastic on the table!!!

Fall Trends Shimmer and Shine -

Shimmer and shine is important too as we move into fall and the holidays. Here we see some gold shimmery mosaics for a lovely table top at Pier 1 Imports.


Fall Trends All Colors -

This photo shows them all! You can see the teal, the soft green, red-orange and gold. There is some shimmer in sequins and beading on the bottom shelf, and then there’s a whole column of purple placemats and napkins. At the moment I haven’t seen too much purple in other products, but table top decor is one of the first places you start to see new colors because the items are inexpensive to purchase and fabricate so there isn’t much invested if a color doesn’t perform well.


Fall Trends Gray with Color Accents -

And gray makes seven. Gray has been around as a more fashion forward color in color trends, but now it seems to be everywhere, and I know why.  The color gray is calm, serene, sophisticated and a beautiful foil for other colors. I love this photo of the bedroom where gray is the neutral and gold the accent. Just imagine this bedroom with red-orange accents, or plum, maybe the soft green or even teal.

Fall Trends Neutrals -

You can use gray with just about anything, even with other neutrals as in this bedroom where gray is matched with the brown in the chevron patterned throw. I think I could take great naps in this bedroom!

Pattern, Texture, and Motif

Fall Trends Chevron -

I know I’ve been talking mostly about colors, but there is more to the trends than just color. There is pattern and motif as well. I need to mention that the chevron or zig-zag pattern is very hot right now. You can see it in the throw I just mentioned above and here in the lovely gray area rug. I’ve seen the design in pillows and lampshades as well. Chevron is everywhere.

Fall Trends Mosaics -

And, I think there is definitely something going on with mosaics. I’m seeing them in little accent tables, mirror frames, and in patterns as well. this also is part of the increase in shimmer and shine. Mosaics are often glossy as in the glass mosaics and tiles we see for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.

Fall Trends Owls -

Also, if you didn’t catch my article about the use of the bird motif in a lot of the new fall décor, I’ll just mention again that owls are even more popular now than before. These salt and pepper shakers are just one example.

Well, those are just some of the things I’m seeing for this fall.  why not take a trip out shopping to see if you are finding the same things in your neighborhood. Let me know and we’ll keep everyone on the cutting edge of color trends!


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